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The Macy’s Flower Show was Cancelled

The Macy’s Flower Show

Yes, sadly the annual events at Macy’s in New York City, Chicago and San Francisco, Minneapolis and Philadelphia have been cancelled this year.  I thought you might enjoy, and even need a visit to past shows and the beauty they bring every spring. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  If you click on any of the links in this post, I may get a small commission that will in no way affect the price of anything you might purchase. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


The 2017 Show:

Carnival sign from the 2017 Macy's Flower ShowThe flower shows I have been to are the ones held in New York city.  Since 1946 Macy’s has been hosting these annual events.  In 2017 the theme was Carnival!Archway of flowers and blooming plants Archways of luxurious florals and blooming plants reach across the main floor at Macy’s at Herald Square.  

A Carousel Horse decked out with fresh flowers

A carnival has to have a carousel, and this one is no exception.  A prancing unicorn decked out with lilies, roses and delphiniums.  

A lion carousel animal is decked out with fresh flowers

Lions and tigers and bears?  No, but his lion looked especially ferocious despite the explosion of lilies on his saddle.  

Perhaps a bunny hopping among the blooms would be your favorite carousel animal. 

A rather stern looking rooster rounded out the carousel animals completing a fantasy display.  You can see more of the Carnival show at A Carnival of a Flower Show.  

The 2018 Show:

Once upon a springtime was the theme for the 2018 show.  All manner of fantasy fairytales were incorporated into the displays.  Intricate details like those shown in the base of this fairytale tower make a trip to the flower show like a visit to a faraway fantasy land.  Macy’s makes sure the displays fill the space all the way up to the soaring ceilings of the main floor of the Herald Square store.  A storybook drago is incredibly realistic, and watch out for the fiery breath!  Visit Macy’s Flower Show 2018 to see more of this incredible show! 

Read more about this amazing American icon in Robert M. Grippo’s book.  

I dedicate this post today to all of the Macy’s employees around the world who are unable to work today.  May you all stay strong and hopefully return to work as soon as it is appropriate for all of us.  

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    1. Oh Maria, I came upon it by accident one year, and now I make a point to get to New York to see our son sometime during the show. It is so amazing! I do hope you can see it in person some year! Take care of those grandbabies!

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