Wisteria Vine Wreath

Wisteria Vine Wreath

I got to a point where I knew I would have to make a wisteria vine wreath. The question was, how would I make something to coordinate with the wisteria vine.  This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  If you click on any of the links in this post, I may get a small commission that will in no way affect the price of anything you might purchase. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Even as I was building out my wisteria vine, with my tulip wreath on the door, I knew that was going to change!  I found this narrow wooden ring at Michael’s.  Here is the link if you would like to try and get one delivered to you:  Michael’s Wreath Ring.

Taking a faux branch, bend it around the edge of the wooden wreath.

To give a more natural look, use  paper wrapped wire to secure the branch to the wreath. 

Tuck a few blooms into the space with the wire and the branch against the wood wreath. 

Where to place the blooms on the wreath?   I wanted to juxtapose the blooms to the lower right versus the wisteria vine on the upper left of my door. Next steps are to begin to glue additional blooms toward the ends of the branch. The stem of the branch needed to be disguised more, so I used additional stems with faux leaves gluing them all around the wreath.After adding a few more blooms, my wisteria wreath was complete and is the perfect complement to my wisteria vine.  You can see how it all came together at Welcoming Wisteria! 

Now that we are inching closer to summer, I have replaced my springtime wisteria wreath with this cute bee skep wreath!  Check out the tutorial here

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  1. Very nice composition with this design Chloe. When designing, you always have to take into consideration the surroundings and existing balance in your door space. Planning to work with your vines up your trim really makes this work. All wreaths—sure don’t have to be round. Very Nice!

  2. How pretty. I think the blue door makes it pop even more. How do you distribute the weight so it balances versus tip to the right side ? Thanks
    Have a happy Easter.

  3. Good Evening dear friend Chloe,

    You made a wreath that looks very beautiful and artistic.
    Thanks for inviting me to visit this site, very interesting and inspiring.

    All the best & good luck.
    Have a beautiful day everyday.
    Lord bless you and your whole family.

    With regards and blessings.

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