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The short weekend I spent in the Hamptons this summer was amazing – if you haven’t seen my posts about the anniversary party, beach party and rose garden – check them out, they are not to be missed!  I was so anxious to see the shops, try some of the restaurants, but mostly to get some glimpses of some of the homes of the Hamptons.  I knew that a good number of the homes would be down long driveways, hidden from view, but what I learned was that even those right on a street or lane had incredibly tall hedges hiding away the houses and the residents from prying eyes.

A Home in the Hamptons2

This house really reminds me of the house everyone seems to love from the motion picture, Something’s Gotta Give.  It is a little different in style, but has the same crushed stone or tar and chip driveway.  I love the pair of benches flanking the walk to the front door.

Shingle houses along the beachOkay, wow, I know we are only getting a tiny bit of these shingle houses over the top of the dunes, but I can tell you right now, I would be happy with any one of these homes.  Can you imagine waking up and stepping right out of your home and onto the beach?  The beach stretched farther than we could see.  The day we were there the waves were big and breaking hard on the sand.  I know I could have walked along that beach for hours.

Hamptons shingle style homeThis is what I imagined when I thought about houses in the Hamptons.  The natural shingles turn grey in the salty sea air.  If the houses are painted they have to be re-painted often since the salt air sort of ‘sand blasts’ the paint right off of them.

A long private driveway in the Hamptons

How about this driveway for privacy?  These tall hedges even separate neighbors from neighbors.  The hedges seem to be like fences all around the property.  I saw more than one landscaper up on tall ladders trimming these hedges.  I know I would never get them straight myself.
Gray shingled home with an eyebrow window in the HamptonsThis was one of the few shingled houses we found with a painted finish on it.  The sidewalk up to the front door was just flat sandstones set down in the lawn, a rather natural approach to a walk. Traditional Victorian Home in The HamptonsThis very traditional Second Empire Victorian home was an exception to the tall hedges.  Even though this was Victorian in style, I think this is a relatively new home, can you see the new home being built back behind this one?  Second Empire Victorian Home Under ConstructionWhen we turned down the side street next to the first house, we could see this one under construction.  The detail in the work is amazing.  I would love to get to come back and see this home when it is finished.A shingle style house in the HamptonsHere is another one of these beautiful shingle style homes.  I can just imagine stepping out onto that covered balcony to get a glimpse of the ocean or sitting up there watching a storm roll in.  Homes of these style were found throughout the Hamptons, built along the beaches, in the villages near shops and dining and just everywhere throughout the little hamlets.  I look forward to going back to the area again and getting more opportunities to explore this amazing area.

If you want to continue with a glimpse into the Hamptons lifestyle you should definitely check out Annie Falk’s new book Hamptons Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember. It is a beautiful book filled with images of the Hamptons as well as entertaining tips and recipes. A great edition to your coffee table or cook book collection!

hamptons-entertaining-bookJoin me next week when I share the final adventure from my Hamptons weekend!

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  1. I’m so jealous! Looks like something straight out of Revenge! I want to visit the Hamptons so badly. Looks like an awesome time!

  2. Gorgeous houses! I love walking around my neighborhood looking at the houses.. I don’t live in the Hamptons, but there’s still beautiful architecture in Evanston.

  3. Beautiful photos. I have never been to the Hamptons, but it reminds me a lot of Cape Cod. You mostly see the grey shingle homes and lots of hedge rows as well. I absolutely love the beach home in Something’s Gotta Give!

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