Washi Tape Crafts

Washi Tape Crafts

Have you crafted with Washi tape?  It is time to get creative with Washi tape while you have to stay home.  Don’t have any? Not to worry, there is SO MUCH available right on Amazon!  Order in a bunch and start creating!  The extra great thing about most of these washi tape crafts is that they can be done by anyone of any age! 

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1.  Pencils and notebooks

Washi Tape your pencils and notebooks from Lia Griffith

“Washi” comes from wa – for Japanese, and “shi” for paper.  Manufactured from ‘green’ resources, such as the bark of the gampi tree, paper mulberry, mitsumata shrub, bamboo, hemp, or wheat.  Washi tape feels like masking tape, and like masking tape, it can easily be removed.  That being said, it is like masking tape, if you adhere it to paper, you may be able to remove it, but you will have to work at it and do it slowly; however, if you use it on glass, metal or plastic, it will come off easier. 

2.  Washi tape coasters

Washi Tape Coasters

How about custom coasters?  Think of the possibilities!  

3.  Embroidery hoops

Washi tape embroidery hoops
Washi tape embroidery hoops

Wrap embroidery hoops with tape for creative wreaths or to frame your embroidery work! 

4.  Tin cans

Washi tape tin cans

Tin cans, boxes, whatever kind of containers you choose can be color coordinated into desktop, homework or art area organization!  

5.  Washi tape and fabric bunting

Washi tape and fabric bunting

Not a seamstress?  Use washi tape to make this fabric and tape bunting!  

6.  Lamp lining

Washi tape lamp lining

Update, or just dress up an ordinary lampshade with washi tape.  

7.  DIY temporary wallpaper

Washi tape DIY temporary wallpaper

8.  Initial artwork

Washi tape initial artwork

Pick up some wooden or cardboard letters and pick some fun washi tape to dress them up!  

9.  Phone organizers

Washi tape phone organizers

Make sure everyone has their own charger (or at least make sure they don’t take yours) with different washi tape patterns!  

10.  Washi tape wooden bracelets

Washi tape wooden bracelets

How fun are these washi tape wooden bracelets?  If you have teens stuck at home right now, you know they would love making these!  

11.  Hangers

Washi tape hangers

What a fun project this is for kids and adults!   Get your wooden hangers delivered to your door from Amazon and pick out some fun washi tapes for everyone to get busy with!  

12.  Easter eggs

Washi tape Easter eggs

Just in time for Easter,  order some artificial eggs and some tape you like and get to work on your eggs for Easter!  

I hope during this difficult time, you can find some washi tape crafts or paint-by-number or knitting, crochet or playing cards or doing jigsaw puzzles, or something you can do with loved ones.  Stay healthy and stay safe – Chloe

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