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Welcoming Wisteria Vine for Spring

Welcoming Wisteria Vine for Spring

I have a deep covered porch, so I have done this on my front door, but this is something you can do on a door inside your home, too.  If you are hosting a bridal shower, what a lovely way to greet guests with this life-like wisteria vine.  I really wanted to do something as challenging as my fall porch, and this is what I came up with! 

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Begin with four purchased branches that have wire in them so you can bend them the way you want your vine to “grow”.

I began with one branch and secured it with a pair of Command hooks. 

The next step is to add a second branch that goes up the side of your door.  This branch meets the first branch, actually covering part of the stem.  I have put red circles around all of the locations of the Command hooks.  You will want to add one more branch beneath this one down toward your pot where you will add a “trunk” to your vine.  

On the sides I used a pair of hooks together to secure the branches where I wanted.  Just attach them in opposite directions.  That wedges them in securely. 

Cut the individual blooms from the bushes of wisteria.   Wherever possible, bend the wire of the bloom into a “V” to fold it over a piece of the branch and then glue it.  This will make it more secure.  I have had a lot of wind and none of my blooms have come off.  

Use a hot glue gun to attach the the blooms along the branches wherever you want.  I used an extension cord for my glue gun and got up on a step ladder to add the blooms with the branches in place.

The fourth piece of branch will go opposite of the first two to give your wisteria some balance.  

In addition to the wisteria blooms from the branches across the top, add some down the “trunk” of the wisteria. I added some faux pussy willows to the pot, too.

Your guests and neighbors will be delighted with this lovely display.  If you should decide to build this indoors, it would make a beautiful backdrop for photos.  Check out how I complemented this with a wisteria vine wreath!  Want a bicycle doormat like mine?  Here is the blue mat I used under the bicycle one.  Check out this cute one!

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  1. Your entryway is beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to walk through that?! You did a great job! Taking some of these ideas for my home. Pinning for later.

  2. Your porch is beautiful and brings a touch of Spring. Love the pop of pink against your door. Thanks for sharing the tutorial on how to create this look. I am pinning this to do around our door. Love it!

  3. Good Morning Chloe,
    This is such a beautiful Spring entrance into your lovely home. I appreciate the tutorial too, I think this is something that I can do too!

  4. This really screams Spring. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful project. I love wisterias and those are really beautiful. So close to the real thing!

  5. In addition to the four faux bare branches, what did you use for the “trunk” that is stuck in the pot? It almost looks like a walking stick. I think it is one of the things that makes this look so realistic. Really like this. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I would remove the wisteria on the wreath, it takes away from the illusion of the wisteria growing up the door. It’s so realistic that to ruin the illusion seems ashame. You did a really lovely job, just ditch the piece on the wreath. It puts the balance off as well as it’s all alone.

  7. This DIY is awesome! I cannot wait to attempt this. I am so happy I found you !

    I will look for more of your ideas and stop looking elsewhere.

  8. Oh how I love wisteria and I sure love what you did with yours! Never thought about doing that but I know I want a similar look! Very very nicely done!

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! I bought all my supplies minus the branches (I have a bunch that fell from my river birch over the winter) and I’m on my way to my front door. I love your ideas, so talented. Thank you.

  10. I don’t consider you a “crafter” but a floral designer. If you aren’t familiar with Chloe, she has the best tutorials and easy to follow instructions. Imagine walking by her house everyday!

  11. I’m a new follower and, oh my goodness, I can’t stay away! There’s just no end to your creativity! I keep coming back and pining more ideas (is Pinterest still a thing?)! This post, in particular, stopped me dead in my tracks because I did something vaguely similar that I thought might interest you. We have a huge wisteria bush that’s beautiful when in bloom but it’s far too fleeting. I recently discovered TEMU (I might’ve gone down a rabbit hole a few times) where I ordered two, 12 piece bunches of artificial wisteria which now adorns the branches all summer. Someone as creative as you can probably make good use of many things they offer. I’ve found some truly astonishing deals on that website. In my experience so far, the quality of the faux florals is not top notch but the wisteria I ordered appear to be identical to yours (although mine is purple).

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