How to make this Quick, Easy, Fun, and oh, so Sweet Valentine’s Garland

Add a little Valentine’s cheer to your house with this easy, (and I do mean EASY) Valentine’s garland. This is a quick little project you can easily do in one evening in front of your favorite television show! This is also a great project to involve the younger members of your family! No sharp edges or hot glue guns involved!

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What you need:

The only things you need to make this project is some yarn, some cardboard, a yarn needle and something heart shaped to trace around. I selected red, pink and white yarn, but any colors will work. If you want to make your garland in shades, of blue, why not?!

Get Started:

A cookie cutter is the perfect heart for tracing hearts onto your cardboard. Trace lots of hearts onto some fairly heavy cardboard. If you use something too fine or thin, such as cardstock, you will find it will not hold up to wrapping the yarn as tightly as you need to.

Go ahead and trace the hearts onto your cardboard.

Cut out all of your hearts and you will be ready for the next step!

Actually, when I saw these cute cardboard cutouts I began thinking of all kinds of decorations I could use them for!

Time to add the yarn:

Simply hold the end of the yarn firmly against the cardboard and begin to wrap your heart.

Wrap the heart with your yarn in a random pattern.

Continue to wrap the yarn around your heart, making sure you pull the yarn taut as you wrap.

Make sure you turn the heart over in your hands to make sure that every little bit or edge of the cardboard is covered,

When you have made sure the entire piece of cardboard is covered it is time to finish off your heart. Cut the yarn and thread the end of it through the eye of a yarn needle.

Feed the yarn needle back through the yarn wrapped tightly around your heart.

Pull that length of yarn all the way through and then cut off the end close to the heart.

When it came time to assemble my garland, I realized I was hanging this on my white mantel, so the white ones would not likely show up. I decided to save those to display on my tiered tray and just used the pink and red ones for my garland.

Assembling your garland:

Thread a thin ribbon onto your yarn needle and pull it beneath a few of the strands of yarn wrapped around the top of your heart. Continue to feed all of your hearts onto the ribbon.

Once you have your hearts strung on the ribbon you can hang your garland wherever you would like a little touch of Valentine’s decor! I hung mine on my mantel from Command brand hooks.

Supplies for this project:

  • pink yarn
  • red yarn
  • white yarn
  • cardboard
  • heart cookie cutter
  • yarn needle

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