How to Set Up a Gift Closet

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Have you heard the term gift closet before?  If you haven’t and don’t have one, consider starting a gift closet and shop it for Christmas!  I am finally getting settled and organized in this house and it was time for me to get my gift closet organized and ready to go before Christmas is here!

Step 1, Select Your Space:
I have space in an extra linen closet, so I put it to work!  I keep children’s and pet gifts on one shelf, generic gifts on another and gift boxes and ribbons on yet another.  This makes it simple to find and get what I need quickly.

Your gift closet doesn’t have to occupy an actual closet, or take up an entire closet. A few shelves of a closet will do. Or if you’re limited on space, a bin or drawer can work too!

Step 2, Shopping!
It was raining today (finally) here in Florida, so I headed out early to get to the stores.  I needed to pick up some gifts and wrapping items for Christmas.  It was such a pleasure to get to Big Lots with no crowds to compete with!  I picked up everything I needed right there and was back home to begin wrapping some items and adding others to my gift closet.  Just look at the selection!
picmonkey-collage65It is such a relief when you are surprised by a birthday or other special occasion and you don’t have to run out to pick up a gift because you already have a place to ‘shop’, right there in your home.  You will want to stock up on things for a number of different gift giving occasions, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

dsc_0008biglotsHere is my haul from a quick trip to Big Lots.  I will be wrapping some of these up for immediate delivery and restocking my gift closet with the rest.  My favorite find is those cookie and treat boxes, they are already filled with yummy homemade Christmas cookies and ready to be delivered!dsc_0007blotsStep 3, Stock Your Closet:
Along with your gifts, you’ll want to include of gift giving essentials.  For me, that means wrapping paper, double sided tape, and bows. I also keep a selection of greeting cards on hand for all occasions. Thankfully, Big Lots has all of these things – one stop shopping!


Step 4, Wrapping Time:
Now that you have all of those gifts, it is time to wrap them up, and I got my wrapping paper and ribbon while I was at Big Lots, so let’s get going!  I love to make my gifts look special.  Try using double sided tape wherever you can when wrapping so that you don’t have tape all over the outside of the package. Add an ornament, or in this case, a couple of candy canes, along with pretty bow to make your gift look special.  If my gifts are going under the tree I want them to look pretty.  For me, the gifts under the tree are part of the decorations.
picmonkey-collagepresentYou don’t have to have all the gifts in the closet wrapped, but it will make it easier! Also, once the gift is wrapped place a sticky note with the description of the gift inside so you never have to second guess what you wrapped!

I find Big Lots to be a great place to begin stocking my gift closet.  The value I can get out of a shopping trip to Big Lots lets me replenish my gift closet on a regular basis! Don’t forget to shop their selection!

Do you have a gift closet set up? What do you normally stock it with? Let me know in the comments below…

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  1. Great post! While I do not have space to devote an entire closet to this, I do have a space in one of my closets that I collect gift items for the same reason. My go for gift bags is Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent Store. Dollar Tree also has fantastic greeting cards for 50 cents or a $1 each. As holiday time I stock up on tissue paper from Costco. I also have a friend who has a side hustle making some of the best soy candles and I typically have a few on hand. Where I work we do not have a Christmas tree, we just call it the “End of the Year” party. Oh so politically correct. I generally stay with snowman and snowflake or tree themes as as that is generic enough to to just be “winter” yet still in the realm of holiday spirit. I rarely have children to shop for anymore so my items are more gifts to suit almost anyone. I do gift to each person’s interests. Such as sports lover, bacon lover, craft lover, budding gourmet, etc. And I shop all year long and pick up items as I come across them. Saves me angst come holiday time and helps my budget too!

  2. I used to do something similar, it’s such a good idea to have a spot for easy viewing and pick up things as you find them and have last minute gifts always on hand! I haven’t shopped at Big Lots for years, I will go check it out!

  3. Love the gift closet. I too always like to have a little extra stash of goodies set aside. I watch for sales and especially those 75% off sales after major holidays. Thanks for the ideas. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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