14 Sparkling Ideas for Your Fourth of July Celebration

Three weeks from now we will be celebrating Independence Day in the United States.  This year the holiday falls on a Monday which means we will have three days off of work for fun and celebrating.  Here are 14 sparkling ideas for your Fourth of July Celebration!

14 sparkling ideas for your Fourth of July

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american-flag-layer-cake-2 (1)1. Bake a patriotic cake!  I swooned over this cake when I first saw it on Sugar Hero two years ago, and I still am amazed by her talent.  If you are like me and don’t have that talent, how about a store bought cake, and top it with sparklers when you serve it to your guests?  Check out these crazy sparklers!  They would sure make your Fourth a celebration!

4th of July clothing collage2. Dress up for the holiday!  I love this women’s tank top with the cute bow on the back, or how about the little outfit for the baby in your life?  Those two cuties are my granddaughters before we headed out to the the Fourth of July parade last year!  USA Centerpiece3. Make a simple centerpiece by painting some kraft paper letters and painting them red, white and blue.  Want to add some more sparkle?  How about adding some glitter to them!  Check out the entire tablescape! 91vgIKE3lPL._SL1500_ 4. Play a backyard game!  The best part of this fun cornhole game… I can’t decide if it is the price at just $39.99 OR that you can pack this up and take it with you wherever you head for the holiday…the backyard, the park, someone else’s house!

Firecracker cupcakes collage5. Make fun firecracker cupcakes!  You can click on this link and see all of the step by step directions to make these cupcakes that look like they are topped with real firecrackers (they aren’t).  Those firecrackers are completely edible!
God-Bless-America-Tablescape-768x5106. Deck out your table and walls, or your yard if you are celebrating out of doors with flags and banners, red, white and blue dishes, napkins and glasses!  Check out all of the details for this year’s table right here!  hildrethsdeptstore-17. Watch a parade!  Head out to your downtown, or maybe a quaint community like I saw in the Hamptons last year and enjoy a Fourth of July parade!Beach party for the Fourth8. Head to a beach!  There are beaches all around this great country of ours.  The oceans, the Gulf of Mexico and lakes throughout the USA make a great place to gather with family and friends on this Summer holiday.

Pair-of-Firecracker-cakes-1024x66919. Make a pair of firecracker cakes!  These cakes are no bake!  It is so easy to create these cakes in about an hour without getting out your mixer or turning on the oven.  Click on the link to see how simple it is to make these.Picnic Basket10. Go on a picnic!  If it is just you and your significant other or a big family reunion, treat yourself to a picnic basket like this one that is just $27.49 on Amazon.  Head to a local park for a holiday meal or some delicious desserts to snack on while you wait for the fireworks to begin.Fourth-of-July-Porch-Chairs11. Decorate your front porch!  Head on over to Amazon and you could have some patriotic pillows, throws or bunting to deck out your home for the holiday!  71xSHns0cBL._SL1500_12. Ice your party drinks in this fun inflatable and very patriotic buffet cooler!  Set those bowls of salads down in the ice and keep everything at the picnic cool enough to stay food safe!  Smores-on-the-beach13. Toast up some marshmallows and enjoy s’mores for the holiday.  What a great way to end an evening while watching the local fireworks display!tight

14. Play a game!  No matter what your choice, volleyball, a round of golf, badminton, a baseball game, tennis, basketball or soccer.  Get outside and enjoy the summer weather and the long holiday weekend!  What will you be doing to celebrate Independence Day?

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  1. We will be celebrating by wearing our red, white and blue. Heading to an annual BBQ and celebrating with friends and family. Happy 4th

  2. The firecracker cakes and the firecracker cupcakes impressed me immensely! I can’t wait for our own celebration. I still have no idea what we’ll be doing but I’m excited to dress up and make something red, white and blue.

  3. What fun ideas. I’m loving that cake and the decor ideas. The most we usually do is dress the kids up in red white and blue gear.

  4. On the fire cracker cakes…instead of using Sixlets (which until now I’ve never heard of) how about using fresh cherries and blue berries. You could cut the cherries in half. I wouldn’t know where to get the Sixlets and it’s too late to order them. Just an idea.

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