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Celebrations Tablescapes

A last minute Easter tablescape with the most creative Easter eggs!

I have been so overwhelmed with trying to decorate for all of the holidays and seasons with the construction going on and no real kitchen that Easter is getting a quickie this year. Even though Easter is only two days away, you can pull this off now! Can you believe I created this with balloons?!

Some pastel colored balloons and a pump to inflate them were just the thing to get started with this project!

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Colorful stickers, both rectangular and circles will help turn those balloons into my Easter egg centerpiece!

Start out with the rectangular stickers and cut them into thin strips as shown above.

You will have a big pile of these little strips to begin decorating with.

Select one color and stick them onto an inflated balloon in a zigzag pattern.

Up and down and all around the balloon.

When you finish going all the way around the balloon with your zigzag pattern, add some bright colorful polka dots around the balloon.

There you are with one “Easter Egg” balloon. Repeat with additional colors of balloons.

Use some different colored polka dot stickers for some of the other balloons.

With some of the other rectangles, attach them to a balloon in a random confetti pattern.

Artificial greenery placed down the center of the table made for a lovely nest for my balloon Easter eggs!

Sweet bunny plates from Target dressed up the table!

If you haven’t planned anything special for your Easter table, maybe you will blow up some balloons and turn them into Easter eggs!

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  1. Chloe that is absolutely darling!! You are so creative – and to get that fun table with your kitchen all torn up is amazing! Thanks for the last minute inspiration. I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Chloe what a fun and bright table you have created! I never would have thought of something like this. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and may all your appliances arrive sooner than expected!

  3. Love this one. It looks so festive and fun. Would never have thought of this. I feel like I would pop them.

  4. What a fun table Chloe ! It is such a festive display, talking about creativity. Enjoy Easter with your loved ones.

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