A Life in Celebration

It’s May! It is my birthday month and I will be celebrating with a short little cruise with my husband! I will also be hanging out in here (it is on sale – 20% off right now!) doing some computer work! I love being able to just take my laptop and work outdoors!

Thanks so much for all of the nice feedback about my new logo! I mulled over this for a couple of years now and am so happy with how this turned out!

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I had a great time shooting all kinds of video last Thursday with my friend Brian. He shoots most of my videos and edits them into the great things you can see on YouTube. Did you know I was on YouTube? You can find all of my videos right Here!

One of the projects I did last week was a centerpiece of all vegetables! You really have to see it to realized that vegetables can be as beautiful as flowers!

I have decorated the indoors with some orange and navy blue to coordinate with my general home decor. Check out how I decorated the mantel for summer!

What I am loving this week…

These gorgeous faux artichokes are what I added to my mantel arrangement, they are so beautiful, even when just nestled in a wooden bowl on the coffee table!

If you are wanting to update things outside, have you considered these custom house numbers? Aren’t they gorgeous?

This silicone divider for my crock pot has been amazing! I can cook two things separately and still keep my crock pot clean as can be!
I love using these detergent sheets instead of paying for water in a bottle of detergent. No microplastics either!! If you are headed on vacation this summer and going to want to do some laundry, these are the perfect thing to tuck into your luggage!
If you need a deck box (we are adding one to our front porch for me to hide away all of my seasonal doormats in) this one is on sale!

Until next week….

Hugs to all of you! Thanks for reading this far! I hope you have a fabulous week!

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  1. Happy Birthday !
    A cruise sounds good right now. The heat is pretty terrible.
    Check out those tables on the ship for us.

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