A Seashell Story

A Life in Celebration – A Seashell Story

I got to walk on the beach last week.  It motivated me to share this seashell story with you.  I am fortunate to live less than an hour to the coast here in Florida.  What a blessing it was to step onto the sand, to listen to the crashing waves. 

Yes, there were other people there, lots of other people on the beach.  But, you know what?  They were all much further away from me than the people have been in the grocery store and at Walmart. 

I was out in nature, the same you might be able to experience along a river or lake or among towering  trees on a hike through a forest.  We all need some nature right now.  Out there are a couple of the Disney ships just hanging out offshore until cruising begins again. 

My walk on the beach made me ponder the seashells washed up along the beach.  How many sea creatures that live in shells must there be if our beachers offer up millions of little treasures.  What caused these little creatures to give up their shells?  To offer up their shells to us mere mortals that stroll the edge of their world? 

What cause one person to pick up and save and treasure a particular shell when another shell seeker doesn’t give it a second glance?   If you spot a shell you want at the edge of the water, you need to be quick.  If not, the tide that brings it in will take it back aways just as quickly as it delivered it. 

Is there anything like the waves washing over your toes as you stand on a beach at the edge of an ocean?

Some of the treasures are so delicate, more fine than a bone china tea cup and others are thick and hard and strong and surely designed to protect the creatures within.  Do you have a seashell story within you?  Is it a seashell story or a river story, or a forest story?  I hope you get a chance to get out in nature, breathe the fresh air and delight in God’s gifts to us all.  

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  1. I am lucky I live by the sea and our walk is to the shore every morning and counting the boats way out waiting for a call to go towards London to pick up some cargo. We are allowed out as much as we like for exercise but at 70 once a day is good. We live on the Kent Coast in a place called Cliftonville. Enjoyed your story shall look at shells in a different light

  2. I love your story. We haven’t been to the beach in a while but it is something I really want to do. I’m just so grateful for my walks in nature these past few months. Hugs to you sweet friend

  3. Such a great story and day you had. The skies were so clear and bright.

    Brings back memories and shells are beautiful and some are very delicate while others aren’t.


  4. Having trouble coping right now, but your story inspired me. Thank you!
    Now have planned a trip to the beach in July with grandkids (8,5, and 2yrs.) to give them their first beach experience.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    1. Cecelia, It has been a difficult time for many of us. I know getting that chance to be out in nature and experiencing the power of the ocean made a real difference for me. I am glad you are looking forward to that with your grandchildren! In the meantime, relax, close your eyes and imagine being on that beach with the waves lapping at your toes.

  5. Why can’t I see your posts without signing up everytime? There is no place (that I can see) to say I’ve done this 4 times. Sometimes I just delete that post when I really wanted to see it.

  6. I am fortunate enough that my parents have a beach house in RI right across the street from the ocean and, even more than shells, we love to collect beach glass.

    I love your tutorials. You seem like such a nice person. I wish I knew you in real life! 🙂

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