A Shiny Brite Christmas Tree

A Shiny Brite Christmas Tree

Sometime last year my mother gave me a box of Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments.  The box wasn’t full, just had a few ornaments left.  These were the only ones left from some we had used to decorate our tree for years when I was a child.  I have always loved the ornate glass ornaments.  I thought an entire Shiny Brite Christmas tree would be such a treasure.  I spent October and November at my daughter’s in Maryland.  I couldn’t wait until I got home, so I put up a tree at right there!  So…why don’t you come inside and see how all of those Shiny Brite ornaments look on the tree!

The Shiny Brite ornaments are exactly what the name says, they are shiny and glisten with sparkly accents like glitter and colorful painted patterns. 

In 1937, Max Eckardt established Shiny Brite ornaments, working with the Corning Glass company to mass-produce glass Christmas ornaments. Eckardt had been importing hand-blown glass balls from Germany since around 1907, but had the foresight to anticipate a disruption in his supply from the upcoming war. Corning adapted their process for making light bulbs to making clear glass ornaments, which were then shipped to Eckardt’s factories to be decorated by hand. The fact that Shiny Brite ornaments were an American-made product was stressed as a selling point during World War II.All of the ornaments on this tree are the “new” Shiny Brite ornaments.  In the 1990’s Christopher Radko revived the Shiny Brite name and began producing these beauties again.  My dream of having a tree full of these lovely ornaments is a reality.  Of course the magic of a Christmas tree is when you turn on those lights at night.  This tree glows and shows off those pretty ornaments.  This tree called for simplicity.  The only thing I added other than the ornaments were little snips of ribbon that said, “Merry Christmas”.  I thought this ribbon fit with the vintage look of the ornaments. 

Magical is how I describe the scenes as I gaze at this tree in the evenings. 

I hope you enjoyed the peek of my vintage look tree!  Now…it is time to get some more inspiration!  

Welcome To Our Third Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop!

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It’s the third year of the Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop hosted by Our Crafty Mom.

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You will find holiday inspiration for just about every Christmas tree style.

The fun starts on Friday, November 29th and continues through Saturday, November 30th.

We hope you will visit the talented bloggers linked below. This blog hop is something we look forward to every year and we hope you do too.

Grab your favorite beverage and settle in for some beautiful Christmas Tree decor inspiration!
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christmas tree decor ideas



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  1. What a treasure you have in your mother’s Shiny Bright ornaments. They look wonderful on your tree with your pretty Merry Christmas ornaments. I know you are glad to be home from Maryland. I look forward to seeing everything that you share this Christmas season.

  2. Chloe I really love the ornaments on your tree, reminds me of the ornaments my mom had on our tree when I was a child. So happy to be on the hop with you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Chloe, I am so glad you are home now and can enjoy the holidays there. Your shiny brite Christmas tree is just lovely and it looks magical in the picture you showed from outside. I always look forward to seeing how you will decorate your tree! Thank you so much for participating again in the Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop! Happy Holidays!

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