Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Homemade Christmas Crafts

Part of the fun of the holidays is to add a homemade touch.  Here are some creative ideas I discovered and wanted to share as Christmas grows closer!

Source:  U Create

Use classic family holiday photos to create your own gift tags.  I know my family would love seeing old family photos on their gifts.  I think the tags might even become a treasured part of the gift.

Source:  Parent Pretty

At Parent Pretty you can get all the instructions to create this adorable Santa’s belt ornament.  You can recreate this one, or you can use your imagination to create your own fabulous ornaments.

Source:  Little Birdie Secrets

I love this wreath which is created from lovely craft and scrapbooking paper stars.  Little Birdie Secrets offers a lovely tutorial on how to create your own star wreath.

Source:  A Few Pretty Things

You can find these starfish on the beach, or buy them in a store, but add some paint and beads, and you have created beautiful Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree, or scatter on a tabletop.


Everyone can do this craft!  Purchase some inexpensive solid-colored and/or clear ornaments and set everyone loose with a selection of bright-colored Sharpies, and let everyone create their own favorite design.

Source:  Recaptured Charm

For a homespun Christmas wreath, use yarn balls in a variety of colors and textures and adorn them with some red ornaments.

However you choose to add some home-made decorations to your holiday, use the opportunity to spend some special time with those you love.

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