Dollar Store DIY Outdoor Chandelier

When I spotted the prettiest little candleholders for just one dollar at my local Dollar Tree I knew a project was in the works!  This dollar store DIY outdoor chandelier is something my sister has been wanting for her back yard, so this was the perfect time to go for it!

A trip to Dollar Tree and my own glue gun and hot glue was all I needed for this project.

I began with these two small hula hoops, some burlap ribbon, twine, candle holders and battery operated tea lights.  I began by hot gluing the two hula hoops together, one on top of the other.

My burlap ribbon was wrapped around the hula hoops, gluing it as I went.  I wanted this entire project to be able to be done from the dollar store, but you might be able to get a little higher quality burlap ribbon elsewhere for the same $3 I spent on mine.
I wrapped the entire hula hoops completely with the ribbon.

When I had the hoops covered, I trimmed off the excess strings.  I repeat if you buy a higher quality ribbon you probably wouldn’t need to trim it.I tied the twine to the hula hoops equally spaced around the hoops.

After I had tied four pieces of twine I was able to suspend my ring.

Next step is to simply tie the candleholders onto the rings at equal distances from one another so the chandelier will hang level.  When I go to this point I thought I would be done, but I though it looked a little bare, so back to the dollar store for some greenery. The vines from Dollar Tree are quite lacking, but I began by wrapping two of these garlands on the hoops.  I followed  up with three ivy picks which I cut apart and attached by sticking the stems through the burlap and adding a little twine in a few spots where I wanted to secure the greenery just a  little better.

Finished Project:

My chandelier is a going to be a great addition to my sister’s patio, adding a pretty glow in the evenings.  Make sure you don’t use real candles in these or you might burn through your twine and have your candleholders fall and break!  Dollar store DIY projects are sometimes a challenge, but it is fun to see what you end up with and how you can use it, in this case a lovely addition to your outdoor space.

I’ll be sharing this at the following link party:  The Scoop 

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  1. I just watched your home talk video of the hanging glass jars with tea lite chandelier. i am renewing our vows at Halloween Oct 28th. So i have been searching for things to make it nice and I came across these really cool wanna be mason jar candle holders at of course Dollar Tree..but I am not sure how to post them for y’all to see.

    1. That is wonderful! You should be able to send the photo to me via message on Facebook! Look for Celebrate and Decorate on Facebook! Congratulations and best wishes!

  2. How sweet and loving to make a wonderful outdoor chandelier that is so pretty and so useful. Have to agree about the burlap ribbon but was good to find out how hardy it will be. Hanging lights how smart of you to use 2 hula hoops to make the base so would be big enuf for all your little lanterns and so very pretty, love both the choices and adding the ivy really helped give it more style, bravo for wonderful project and gift.
    Will you make one for your own patio now? How did your sister like hers?
    Have great rest of week

    1. thank you so much Jane Ellen! My sister loves it! I am still working on styling my front porch, where I won’t add one, so I will have to see if I add one when I get to styling my back porch!

  3. This is so cute and I am going to be the one to ask the dumb question, so here goes. What lights did you put in the jars? Are they individual so you have to turn on each one when you want to use it or is there something else I didnt read. The last paragraph of your article was on there twice so somehow I think the light part got cut off. Thanks for your help and keep up with the inspiring ideas.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Lory. Yes, I pasted the same paragraph twice. I have corrected it. I wanted to make this a complete dollar store project, so I used the battery tea lights from the dollar store. Yes, I have to lift them out to turn them on and off, but it isn’t too high for me to reach. You can buy tea lights with timers so they come on all at the same time every night and then go off after 4 or 6 hours. There are also tea lights that come with a remote control. Happy crafting!

  4. Hi, Chloe. I love this project so much. I also left you comment elsewhere about it. In that post you suggested going to your blog to find out more about it, but I don’t see my question answered here, either: could you please tell me how this attaches to the ceiling? The only thing I can think of is a prefab medallion from Home Depot, then screw teacup hooks into it and glue to my covered patio ceiling? That way I could tie the twine to the hooks? If you have a better idea for suspending it, please let me know. This is such a great idea I really want to try! Thank you!

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