Dress Up a Lantern for Summer Fun!

Dress Up a Lantern for Summer Fun!

Summer is upon us here in Florida, so it is time to decorate a lantern for my front porch!   If you would like to dress up a lantern for summer fun, follow along!

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A Crafty Hop!

I am so happy to be hosting a Creative Craft Blog hop today along with Andrea from Design Morsels!  I have been so busy with some special projects lately that I couldn’t have done this without all of Andrea’s help!  If decorating a lantern isn’t your kind of craft, make sure you visit all of the blogs listed at the end of this post!  I am sure you will find something to get you crafting!

Decorative Lantern basics:

A decorative lantern is a great item to have on hand and style throughout the year.  Today I will  show you how I turned this into a delightful way to welcome guests to my home this summer. 

Use a scrap piece of styrofoam like I did, or cut one approximately,  2″x 3″ x 4″.  Wrap the foam with a piece of craft chicken wire.  Doing this will allow you to use wire or pipe cleaners to attach the foam to the top of your lantern without the wire cutting through the styrofoam. 

Twist two pieces of pipe cleaner together for extra length, thread it through the chicken wire as shown above.  You can use the loose ends of the pipe cleaners to attach the little cage to your lantern.  Each lantern will be different, but these basics should help you get started with your own. 

Using long lengths of green pipe cleaner, secure your little cage of of foam to the top of your lantern.  If you are shopping for a lantern you know you will want to decorate, think about how you will attach something to it.

Watermelon is such a summer thing, when I spotted this at Dollar Tree, I knew I could use it!  The sign came with a string on it, but I cut it off.   You can attach a length of two or three pipe cleaners connected together, secure them onto the sign and then attach it to your lantern like you did your little cage.  

Adding the Decor:

Faux flowers with stiff stems are perfect because you can stick them right into the foam.  If you have finer stems you may need to use wood wired sticksIf you make a lot of floral crafts you might want to add a steel pick machine to your equipment.  The machine puts a steel pick onto your florals like the one shown in the yellow circle above. 

This photo shows how the cage is attached with the florals being added to the lantern. I began with a variety of white faux florals.  Primarily white daisies and white wisteria were used to fill out the arrangement to begin with.  

Lime green daisies from Dollar Tree are a great way to pick up the colors from the rind on the watermelon sign.  

Adding red carnations to pick up on the red of the watermelon sign is the perfect pop of color and completes the look!

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  1. You lantern looks stunning, Chloe! What a beautiful creation! You certainly have “The Touch” for designing lovely floral masterpieces! Thanks for thinking of and hosting this wonderful blog hop! I love being a part of it!

  2. I love how you transformed your lantern for summer Chloe! That’s the perfect application for your Dollar Tree sign. Great tutorial and easy way to embellish and add some blooms, foliage or ribbon to a lantern for any season or holiday! Happy to be hopping with you today and thanks for organizing us. ♥

  3. Hi Chloe

    You have an amazing talent and eye for working with florals.

    Me not so much. Give me a paint brush and I’m your girl.

    Another beautiful creation. I’m Pinning this for help and guidance. You are my go to for working with florals.

    You give great instructions for people like me that aren’t good at making it work.

    Gives me a start to create with my own look.

    Thank you for sharing these plans!


  4. I own just one lantern, but it is unique. I should share it sometime. I would never have known how to decorate it. Thank you!


  5. Wow, I love how colourful that is! I have a green thumb but don’t have your talent for flower arranging (live or faux) 🙂

  6. Chloe I am always amazed at your talent of arranging flowers. Well really anything you do amazes me. I love the lantern and how cute it looks with the watermelon sign. I think decorating a lantern is a must. It looks adorable out on your porch.

    Thanks for hosting the fun hop.

  7. Loved watching you make this on Craft & Chat Live! Lanterns are the best for decorating all year long. Great job friend and so great crafting with you!

  8. So cute Chloe! I love the explosion of flowers on the top, bursting with summer! And what says summer better than a watermelon slice!! Adorable! Thanks for another fabulous hop!!

  9. Wow you are a wizard with flowers. This looks amazing. What a fun think for the front porch. I never would have thought of doing this with a lantern but it’s such a good idea. Thanks! (although I feel like my flower arranging capabilities would be limited).

  10. That is adorable. It’s amazing what you can do with flowers. I might have to try this project as well. So fun hopping with you again.

  11. Your lantern is gorgeous, Chloe! You’ve made that Dollar Tree watermelon look so high end! I love how you highlighted the lime green and red colors of the watermelon with the daisies and carnations. It’s the perfect summer patio decor. Thank you for hosting another fun craft hop, my friend!

  12. Chloe, your summer lantern is as cute as can be! It is always a pleasure to participate in your blog hops. Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  13. Absolutely beautiful. I live in an apartment in Ontario. I am fortunate to have a large balcony, but only container gardening is appropriate. I am definitly going to make 2 of these
    Thank for all your lovely ideas

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