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Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Outdoor Living

Summer is coming to an end in most of the country and people are turning to their interiors and what they will do for their interiors for the coming holidays.  Perhaps here were things you wished you had done to your outdoor spaces this summer, or have dreams for what you will create in coming summers.  Here you will find some inspiring outdoor spaces you might want to create at your home.

Outdoor path at night.

I love how this path seems to lead somewhere, to the charming fountain at the end of the pathway.

Outdoor entertaining area at night.

Look what you would find at the end of that pathway!  A lovely space for entertaining.

Outdoor living

I would enjoy hosting a lovely lunch in this nice outdoor space.

Outdoor Water Features

It would be lovely to have these water features in your outdoor living space.

Outdoor living

I found these fantastic outdoor living space on Casa Sugar.

I hope these spaces give you something to dream about during the cold winter months!


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