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Fall Decorating Idea DIY

Fall Decorating Idea DIY

I am creative and have no idea where my ideas come from.  This fall decorating idea just popped into my head.  Adding fall decor to your entry and front porch is the perfect way to greet guests through the season. 

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Prep your project:square wire wreath frame and a pair of wire cutters


This project begins with a 16″ square wire wreath form.  Wire cutters cutting the corner wires in a square wire wreath formTake a good pair of wire cutters and snip through all three of the wires in two opposite corners of the wreath. Two pieces of a square wire wreath form cut in halfYou will  have two pieces as shown above after cutting through the wires. Attach two Command hooks to the frame around your door so half of the frame will fit the edge of the door as shown above.  After attaching your hooks, take your wire back down so you can make your decoration.

Add the decor:

I gathered a bunch of faux flowers and leaves to begin my project.  (Later I decided not to use the sunflowers.)  Make sure you have an even number of items to use.  The colors you select will add that fall decor to your project.

Cut leaves and blooms into individual pieces as I have done with the bush of fall leaves above. The first step to adding your florals and leaves is to wedge them over the wires IF you have a “Y” in the stems.  If not, don’t worry, you will still be able to attach them. Lay out your first layer of stems to decide on placement. 

Once you are happy with your layout, begin securing your stems to the wire frame.   Add a bead of hot glue all of the way down between a stem and the wire frame as shown above.After attaching the first layer of leaves,  begin building an arrangement of flowers in the corner of the wire frame.
Continue to add layers including things like these faux acorns and small pumpkins.  
As you build your arrangement on the frame, you may find you have to turn the frame over and glue on the back.  When you have completed one of the frames, build the second frame in the same wayBefore you know it, your project is complete!  Time to decorate your home! 

You can see my front door is festive and welcoming, ready to greet all of my guests this fall!  I will be sharing how to make the coordinating wreath later this week!  


My favorite glue gun
Wire wreath form
Wire cutters
Hot glue sticks
Command Hooks
Faux leaves and flowers 

More Fall Decorating Ideas:

Strips of styrofoam hung next to a blue front door.

If you want to really dress up your entry, you might want to try this project for fallGrapevine wreath and wicker cornucopiaMake a cornucopia fall wreath with this tutorial! A green styrofoam wreath and faux . fall leavesLight up your fall evenings with this fun falling leaves project!  

Pin This!  hands hanging a wire frame on the corner of a door

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  1. Way to go Chloe! I love this idea! I always hang garland around my door frame can’t wait to this one try…:)

  2. Chloe this is even better than the one you showed the other day. This is getting pinned for sure.

    Lady after my heart using acorns, a favorite of mine.

    I get some of my best ideas in bed at night. What’s that all about.

    Enjoy your day. Thanks for the project idea


  3. Absolutely love this! I can see it easily transition to the creation of a Christmas frame, as well! Thank you for the inspiration and directions!

  4. OMG… I love this idea! Can’t Wait to make mine!
    Chloe, do you mind sharing the paint colors of your home? Thank you so much so this wonderful and beautiful project.

  5. Oh. My. Word!!! Those are absolutely stunning! You have honed a very amazing talent. Do you have an online store or Etsy account?

  6. Love this idea, I now know what to put on the double windows on the porch for Christmas.
    Great idea and quick, thank you.

  7. I made these last fall, but used cup hooks instead of Command hooks, and wrapped pipe cleaners (chenille stems) around the frame to the hooks for added stability . I think they held up better in the wind. 🙂

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