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DIY Fall Grapevine Wreath

Autumn wreaths are one of my favorites to make. This year I am not just making a wreath for my front door, but also one to hang above my mantel. I love making a new wreath for any season, but a new fall wreath is my best-loved!

A fall wreath

DIY Fall Grapevine Wreath Video

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To make your own beautiful wreath for fall, start with a grapevine wreath form. This is how you can make your own beautiful fall wreath.

A plain grapevine wreath

The first step is to add a faux fall leaves garland to the grapevine wreath form. Lay the garland down on the wreath and use floral wire or pipe cleaners to attach the garland to the wreath. My wreath was extra large, so I needed to use wire cutters to cut a small piece of an additional garland to have my wreath covered all the way around.

Woman attaching golden maple leaf garland to a grapevine wreath

Because my faux fall leaves were laying so flat, I took the time to work around the wreath fluffing up all of the leaves. Just bend the leaves up from the garland around the entire wreath, arranging them until they are please to your eye. After giving the garland a good fluff, you could be finished and have a pretty leaf wreath to display.

Clow up of golden maple leaf garland on grapevine wreath

There is nothing like bittersweet to add a punch of color to a fall wreath. I had an old bittersweet garland that I cut into smaller pieces to add to my wreath. To add the pieces, just stick the stiff stem of whatever you are adding to your wreath down into the grapevines until it is secure. If you cannot get the fall pick to be secure, use your hot glue gun to add a bit of glue to make sure the picks don’t fall out.

Golden maple leaf wreath with bittersweet clusters being added to the wreath.

Continue to add the bittersweet all of the way around the wreath.

Golden maple leaf wreath with bittersweet berry clusters.

Begin adding faux fall flowers in the same way as the bittersweet. Cut the floral stems to only about eight inches and wedge the stem into the grapevines. Make sure it is secure, especially if you are going to welcome guests with this displayed on your front door.

Golden maple leaf wreath with bittersweet berry clusters. With one orange dahlia being added to the wreath.

Again, the easiest way to add the faux florals all the way around the wreath is to wedge those stems down into the grapevines.

Golden maple leaf wreath with bittersweet berry clusters and fall colored flowers.

To bring out the fall color scheme, in addition to the blooms, I added some more faux fall leaves. I selected leaves with a natural look to tuck inso the wreath all the way around.

Golden maple leaf wreath with bittersweet berry clusters and fall colored flowers.

I thought my wreath was all finished at this point, but I forgot my mini pumpkins!

Golden maple leaf wreath with bittersweet berry clusters and fall colored flowers. being help up by a woman

I picked up several of these pumpkins to add to my wreath. there are so many different fall decorations you could add to your own wreath. Think about natural elements like pine cones, corn husks or olive branches!

Reddish orange faux pumpkin.

My diy fall grapevine wreath is finished!

Fall wreath with faux pumpkins.

This coordinates wonderfully with my fall mantel decor. I will show you how I built this right here on the blog next week!

Fall wreath hanging above a mantel with fall faux florals on the mantel and a lantern on the mantel

Supplies for recreating this look:

Large orange faux dahlia
Faux dahlia and ranunculus bouquet
Burgundy faux dahlia

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