Dollar Tree Pumpkin Centerpieces

Head to Dollar Tree and pick up a couple of these pumpkin shaped wreath frames for this easy Thanksgiving centerpiece! I made two of these and will share the basics and you can customize these for your table and whatever flowers you have on hand or can pick up.

Dollar Tree pumpkin frame centerpiece with calla lilies:

Paint the pair of pumpkin frames you want to use the color you want. I painted them gold for this centerpiece. Use some clear waterproof floral tape to attach the frames together at the top and and the sides. After attaching them together you can give them another quick coat of paint to hide that tape.

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Set a block of floral foam on the bottom of the frames. Any tray or dish will work. I used this Dollar Tree tray. Use more waterproof floral tape to secure the block of foam to the tray and use some to secure the pumpkin frame to the tray.

For florals with delicate stems like these calla lilies, begin with the flowers first.

Next I began adding a base of fresh magnolia leaves to hide the mechanics of the arrangement.

The rest of the arrangement was filled in with decorative fall accents like magnolia seed pods and deep burgundy alstroemerias and chrysanthemums.

After filling in the rest of the arrangement I added some pheasant feathers, something I love to use this time of the year. This makes a lovely arrangement for a fall centerpiece or just to add beauty to a sideboard or a sofa table.

Dollar Tree pumpkin frame centerpiece in white:

Begin the same way with your pumpkin frame painted the color you want it to be! I wanted to set an all white table and thought I would use this for the centerpiece.

For this centerpiece using white carnations, white chrysanthemums and babies breath, all which have sturdier stems than the calla lilies, I began by adding my greenery first.

When planting around my yard, I make sure that I have some plants that I can trim to use as greenery in my fresh floral arrangements. For this flower arrangement I used fresh pittosporum clipped from my yard.

When you are content with the amount of greenery you have in your centerpiece, it is time to start adding your flowers. I began with white carnations.

The only other white blooms I could find at my local grocery store this day was white pom pom chrysanthemums. It is easy to cut those from their main stem and use the stiff chrysanthemum stems into the floral foam. When finished with the larger white blooms, I just filled in the rest of my pumpkin frame arrangement with babies breath.

This made for a nice white centerpiece for a Thanksgiving tablescape.

I hope these two tutorials have shown you how easy it is to style a fall or Thanksgiving centerpiece out of Dollar Tree wreath frames!

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  1. These are so beautiful! I bought a few of these frames at Dollar Tree too! Wasn’t sure exactly what I’d do with them, but I figured they’d be fun for something! Now I know what I should do with them 😀💛

    1. I bought a bunch of these frames. I put two together like that and filled the inside with a battery candle and flower picks, then I made one by covering it with an old white knitted sweater and decorated the top etc it was beautiful the women at my church keep asking me to make them each one lol I’ve made them several other ways as well. Fall/Thanksgiving DIYs are so much fun!

  2. So creative with using these materials. You have definitely set my creative juices flowing and of course this could be used with Dollar Tree frames for any holiday.

  3. I am not a crafty person. I know this because I have tried and failed on many past projects. Not by you. This time I believe I could do your fall centerpiece and it’s amazing how beautiful you made it look. !!!!!!
    Thank you.

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