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Surprise Box DIY Challenge!

Surprise Box DIY Challenge

How fun it was to participate in a Surprise Box DIY Challenge organized by Terrie of Decorate and More with Tip.   If you are coming from Sweet Southern Grace, welcome!  Shae has such great style and creativity!  After receiving my surprise, I was feeling like I really was a slacker!  Terrie suggested a maximum of $5 and I know that Tammy from Patina and Paint with her generous surprise gift of this weathered tin pot and a bag of wooden balls.  I glued several of the wooden balls to small wooden dowels.  I painted the balls red and left them to dry.  The weathered blue pot was going to be perfect for my project.  I wedged two pieces of dry floral foam into the pot.  They fit tightly and I didn’t need anything else to secure them in the pot.  I began by filling my pot with artificial ivy.  Often times I will cover the the floral foam with moss, but this time I knew I would be filling in the arrangement enough that the foam will not show.  You could just fill this pretty pot with artificial greenery and have a nice decorative piece for your home.  I have other plans, AND I want to show you how I used those wooden balls.Adding white wisteria blossoms I already had on hand help to fill out my pot.Artificial blue Dollar Tree florals begin to fill out the pot and coordinate with the blue tone of the pot.  A little black paint was added to the red painted balls.  What are they looking like to you?  Ladybug ribbons were cut into loops and tails to add to my arrangement. Sweet little ladybugs were added to my arrangment!An arrangement of blue and white with sweet little ladybugs is ready to be displayed for summertime!   It was such fun to challenge myself to create something with items sent to me, which I had not idea what they were going to be!  I hope you found this to be interesting, now head on over to Jessica B. Simmons and see what she has done with her surprise box items!  



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  1. Chloe,

    You rocked this challenge. I love the ladybugs. When I saw red paint I had a feeling you were going in that direction.

    Pinning. Beautiful!


  2. Wow!! Your arrangement turned out beautiful!!!!

  3. I thought maybe it would be a patriotic arrangement when I saw the red balls and blue flowers. The ladybugs are very cute!


  4. Nailed it. Love those ladybugs. I, too, feel like a slacker after seeing what others sent. I only sent my person one thing.

  5. There you go doing something beautiful. I have to say when I saw what you received never thought about ladybugs until you painted the wooden balls red. I just love the creativity you share. Your arrangement looks amazing and you could possibly change out the lady bugs and place some other accent to create a new look for the season. I was thinking foil streamer bows to look like sparklers. I am pinning to try, I have several wooden beads. Great ideas.

    Thanks for joining in on the fun challenge.

  6. Chloe I love what you did with the metal bowl and wooden knobs! ( Honestly I got everything for about $7.50 – all on sale!) You did a fabulous job! Love those lady bugs!!!!!

  7. Jessica Simmons says:

    OOOO girl! I love this! Such a cute idea. I would have never thought of this but it is so cute!

  8. Chloe, this turned out so, so cute!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!! What a fun idea for a challenge!

    1. Thanks so much Kristin, it was fun to get a surprise and come up with an idea to use it!

  9. You are so creative!! LOVE how this DIY turned out!! ♥

  10. So so cute Chloe!! The ladybugs are brilliant and that ribbon is adorable!! Great job!

  11. Hi Chloe

    What I can I say ? You did again; you are so amazing, your creativity has no bound. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation with us.

  12. Sandra Speck says:

    Hello, love this arrangement. I am going to make this for my summer balcony.
    I live in Ontario, Canada and have a hug balcony that becomes my summer living room.

  13. I love this! You are so clever and creative…always making something beautiful! Have a wonderful week!

  14. Such a cute project. Every time I see a ladybug of bumblebee I think of you. Hope your well.

    1. Thank you so much Cynthia…but it is time for this girl to move on from the creatures!

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