DIY Picture Frame Wreath

I love using these ornate plastic frames to decorate for parties or holidays.  I made a Fourth of July ‘wreath’ with my frame, painting it gold.  The summer holidays are beyond us and it was time to re-address my front door for late summer.  This is another take on a DIY picture frame wreath.DIY Picture Frame Wreath

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New uses for an Ikea frame

I began by spraying my frame white.  I am not a fan of my green front door, but until we paint our house, I am living with it, and the white will show up nicely against that door color.  Don’t you love my fancy paint booth?  Eventually I will tackle a project with these pallets I collected!  Make your own picture frame wreath for your front door.

Even the plain frame hanging on my front door looks so pretty.

DIY Picture Frame Wreath

I love the detail of these frames, they look so much more ornate and expensive than they are.

After painting my frame, the next step was to make a base for my arrangement.  I used about 2/3 of a block of dry floral foam and then made a little cage for it out of chicken wire.  This doesn’t have to be pretty, none of this is going to show after your arrangement is complete.

DIY Picture Frame WreathI attached my little cage of dry floral foam to the bottom of my frame.  For convenience I hung my frame on a hook on my pantry door to work on assembly.  Using-a-picture-frame-for-a-door-wreath-681x1024

Then it was time to dig through my bins of faux flowers and foliage and decide on the shape of my arrangement.  I decided this one would flow down toward the bottom of the door, and used these flowers and the ivy to give me an outline of where I would add my flowers.  Keep in mind you can attach your foam anywhere on the frame, the top, one side.  If you are using a square frame you could just have it fanning out from one of the corners.  DIY Picture Frame WreathI knew I wanted to use sunflowers.  I always think of sunflowers as the official flower of late summer.  It is this time of year when their heads grow so heavy with seeds, they have difficulty holding their faces up to the sun any longer.  I came across a couple of green hydrangea that I added in addition to all of the foliage that was already on the artificial sunflowers.  DIY Picture Frame WreathI just continued to fill in with various flowers and foliage, and finished off by adding in 3 beautiful faux artichokes to complete the lush look I was going for.  If you have an idea of the space you want your arrangement to stay within, like I did with my first floral placements, it is easy to keep your arrangement within that and make a well balanced arrangement.  Faux Artichokes are added to a late summer door wreath.The artichokes are so unexpected tucked in among the flowers, but provide beautiful color and an entirely different texture.How to use a picture frame to make a wreath

A Late Summer Door Wreath designed around a picture frameI am so pleased with the final project.  This wreath says welcome, come on in, this is a home filled with joy and beautiful things.

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Assorted faux flowers and foliage (I have collected these over the years, you probably have some at home, also.)
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  1. Chloe,
    I love this! First of all, I’m into these ornate frames – moreso with arrangements or unusual additons instead of pictures. I love the white against your door and those artichokes are to die for – must get some of them. I also think of sunflowers as late summer/fall ornaments. I was lucky to receive a live gift of flowers last week featuring sunflowers, red roses, and blue statice! (maybe it was statice!)

  2. This is a very novel idea for a front door. Using the plastic frame would keep in from being too heavy. I enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing.


    1. I am thinking about it Debra. I don’t know if I should do that or just use one of the other frames I have (I have three) and save this as is. Look for a Halloween one coming soon, though!

  3. I love wreaths and have so many. It is one of my weaknesses when I walk into a boutique with a floral designer in it. I will spend way more on a wreath these days than my husband would ever want to know…shhh! What I love about yours is two-fold…something totally different, that is my mantra. I’m kind of different and always looking for something different. Second your floral arrangement looks professional. Were you trained? I have bought books and considered a class at an online school but have never done it because I always buy and really don’t know what I would do if I started making them! Just a really great post!

  4. This is a wonderful idea and your wreath is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Thank you for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  5. Beautiful! are these “cheap plastic ornate frames” available in craft stores now? I haven’t been in a craft store years (long story).

    1. Hi Maeilyn! I got mine at Ikea, but have also seen them in the AT Home stores and Old Time Pottery…so you don’t have to get back in the craft store if you don’t want to! You can often find an old wooden one, (more likely rectangular) at thrift stores and yard sales!

  6. Chloe:

    What a wonderful gift from God you have. I look breathlessly at your work, not in envy but in wonder of how you use your talent. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Awesome inspirations from what I have in mind. Honestly, I have almost the same mirror. But I use it as my tray.
    So, thanks once again for sharing. This can be my copycat, soon.

    Have an inspiring Tuesday.

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous! What size was the frame? How did you attach the floral base to the frame? And what was the purpose pf the chicken wire… to give supprot to the flowers?

    1. Thanks so much! the floral base is just a piece of styrofoam. I use the chicken wire to wrap around the styrofoam so that I can then attach it to the frame by using wire to attach it. If I just tried to wire the styrofoam to the frame, the wire would cut through the styrofoam and it would fall off. The frame came from Ikea…it is about 23″ by 33″ . Here is a link to it:|us|unbxdsuggestion|201811132211556208_1

      It is just 24.99

      1. Guess what?! I went to Ikea and I got the kast display frame for 9.99! It’s being discontinued. Woooh perfect timing fureal. I wish I could send you a picture of my wreath/frame. Thank you so much for your beautiful design. You are the best!

  9. Guess what?! I went to Ikea and I got the last display frame for 9.99! It’s being discontinued. Woooh perfect timing fureal. I wish I could send you a picture of my wreath/frame. Thank you so much for your beautiful design. You are the best!

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