Easter Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

Hooray!  My Easter farmhouse table has been decorated for a week now and I am really enjoying it.  For those of you who have anxiously been waiting to learn what I bought at Renninger’s Antique and Collector’s Extravaganza…here are a couple of my treasures all decked out for Easter!  I spotted this great old toolbox and knew right away it was coming home with me.  I don’t know if this toolbox is really old or was just made to look old, but it is the perfect size for my table and I felt the $30 price was fair.  Here I only have one of the leaves of the table in.FARMHOUSE TABLE

Old toolbox filled for EasterI don’t know if I will leave this old toolbox green or not, but it sure was the right color for my Easter display.  With my toolbox as the base, this was a whole new Easter arrangement, but everything in it was something I already had in my box of Easter decorations.  Those cute little moss bunny rabbits and all of the carrots and cabbages are leftovers from the Peter Rabbit baby shower we had when my daughter was expecting her first baby.

Easter Farmhouse decor

This sweet little wheelbarrow was a perfect addition, this time filled with pastel eggs, but it also made an appearance at my Vegetable Garden tablescape.  Easter Toolbox for Cottage Decor

Easter madness centerpiece

Those little mossy bunnies are having so much fun hopping through the toolbox full of cabbages, carrots, eggs and flowers, aren’t they?   Do you see what is in the background?  On the wall?  That is the next thing I bought myself at Renningers!

Easter House TourI don’t know if these frames were once windows, or just trim, perhaps on the end of old church pews.  The booth I bought the frames from probably had 100 of them.  They had two different sizes, I chose the larger of the two.  They were asking $18 for the smaller ones and $20 each for the larger ones.  The black part of the plaques is black metal, which I believe is painted with chalkboard paint.  That makes these just perfect for all kinds of holiday and party decor.  I can chalk on these or stick things up with magnets. Easter DecoratingHere is a close up of one of the plaques.  My rustic banner which says “H-A-P-P-Y  E-A-S-T-E-R”  was a fun find in the bargain section at the front of Target for just $3.  The bunnies hopping along the wall were another $3 banner, I just untied the end and slipped them off of their rope.

Making Bunny Magnets for Easter DecorationsAfter removing the bunnies from the string, I simply used my glue gun to attach a magnet to the back of each bunny and stuck them up on my frames.  I had the magnets left from a previous project, so these five bunny magnets cost me $3!  If you haven’t used these magnets for crafts, I highly recommend them.  At 52 magnets for $8.99 you will probably have enough for lots of projects, too!  Easter Bunny Magnets hopping along the chalkboard wallIt is so much fun to have my home furnished enough that I can now start to decorate for the holidays!  Easter is great, but to tell the truth, I am already dreaming about what I am going to do for Christmas!

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  1. I must have been picking up on your brainwaves with this centerpiece. I found a wooden box at the thrift store and did my best to fashion it into a centerpiece. When it comes to working with florals I automatically think about you. You wooden tool box and the frames are very pretty and you made some wise choices a the antique market. Thanks also for the tip on the magnets, I never thought of using them before.

    1. Sandra, you are too, too kind, but of course when I think of cakes, I think you come to mind! I was really happy with those purchases, just two more items to share from my trip to the “Extravaganza”, the two most expensive things! Coming this week or next!

  2. So adorable and clever, as always… That tool box is ridiculous (in a great way!) I have an old wooden vegetable crate our “bunny family” lives in at Easter, but it has always felt too big – I just joked my bunnies lived in a house with “high ceilings,” LOL! That tool box is brilliant! Thanks, Chloe, for always sharing your amazing taste and vision. Happy Easter! PS – Where DO you store all this stuff? I am even running out of “uner bed” space! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tim! I filled my box with moss and faux boxwood balls to raise up the eggs and bunnies! You do need to come down sometime and check out all my storage space! Alas, I did sell off some old props and dishes at the Porch and Yard Sale last weekend!

  3. I love how you used the tool box for your centerpiece and the addition of the cabbage and carrots. It looks like you had a lot of fun putting it together. I think it really makes an impact when you group things together on a tray or in your case a tool box 🙂 Happy Spring and Easter!

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