I Wish I Had Learned This When I Was Younger…

Are you ever at a wedding or a banquet and are confused with all the glasses and plates on the table as to which one is yours?  I used find this particularly confusing at round tables.  Years ago I learned a wonderful little trick that has solved this quandary for me, so I never have a problem knowing which is my water glass and which is my bread plate.  What is more embarrassing than sitting next to your boss and having used his bread plate for your roll?  wedding-table-place-settings

All you need is these two little letters:




You are probably wondering what I am talking about, how can a b. and a d help me know which plates and glasses are mine.  Consider them not as a b and a d, but as b for bread and d for drink.  Is it starting to make any sense yet? B with your hand

Make a lower case “b” with your hand.  That will be with your left hand and isn’t it amazing, your bread plate is on your left.

D for DrinksYour right hand will make a “d” and there you have it, your drink glasses will be on your right!  Easy to remember and easy to discretely do under the edge of the table!  No more embarrassing using someone else’s bread plate or drinking from their water glass!



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  1. I think you have this backwards….your left hand makes the “b” and the bread plate is on your left…your right hand makes the “d” and your drink is on your right.


    1. Always start on the outside for the forks! Hence, use the outside fork for the salad and the inside fork for your dinner! If there is ever a fork laying above your dinner plate, that one is for dessert.

      1. Oh yes, I never had trouble with the flatware! But all of that stemware on a banquet table where you are squished in together…always had me questioning which water was mine!

  2. I wish I had known that years ago too, Chloe! My husband’s company made every person attend a manner’s class a couple of years ago. He learned it there so I did too. 🙂

  3. I learned these things (and which fork)at the dinner table. I guess my Mother was ahead of her time.

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