How to Decorate Your Door for Fall with a Pumpkin Arch

Autumn is my favorite time of year and I love to decorate around my front door. I don’t know of a lovelier way to welcome guests than with beautiful fall door decorations this time of the year. I have some great front door decor ideas this year. What is more perfect than to make an arch of pumpkins for around your front door? I have done some similar things, but this past summer I FINALLY figured out a way to make a frame from pvc pipes so that I can quickly make and arch for any season or holiday easily!

How to construct the arch:

The quick basics on constructing the archway are to anchor two slightly larger pieces of pvc in concrete. You will then slide the slightly smaller diameter pvc into those pieces.

Those pieces will go up to over the top of your doorway and will connect with pvc elbows to another piece of pvc that goes across the top of your doorway.

For all of the detailed step by step instructions on this, go to How to Easily Decorate Your Front Door for any Season or Holiday.

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Preparing pumpkins to put on an arch:

The first thing I do to prepare any of the artificial pumpkins I use for decor around my home is to paint them to make them a little more realistic. I start out with Folk Art Treasure Gold Green Gold color. Each ridge in the pumpkin gets a fine line of with that paint. Next I use a combination of two shades of orange, Deco Art Canyon Orange and Spiced Pumpkin. I pull those two right over the green gold stripes while they are still wet.

Here is one of my painted pumpkins next to one of the pumpkins that has not yet been painted. It isn’t a huge difference, but it certainly makes enough difference that it is worth the time and effort to paint them.

For the pumpkins that will be going on the arch, they will need to be drilled. It is relatively easy to drill the holes in the faux pumpkins. If you want your pumpkins to have a topsy turvy look, you will want to drill your holes off center. If you want them straight, drill the holes at the top and bottom of your pumpkins.

Putting pumpkins on and arch for fall:

I used a drill bit the same size as my pvc. This will make it very tight to get the pumpkins onto the pvc. You can always take a knife and make the hole just slightly larger to get your pumpkins onto the pvc. You don’t want the pumpkins so loose that they will slide up and down easily.

I added a piece of pool noodle between each of the pumpkins to space them apart and add some additional decoration. Cut the length of pool noodle you want (I used about 5 inches) and then slice one side of the piece of the pool noodle so that you can slip it right over the pvc.

I used faux leaves, glued to the pool noodle and then wrapped a piece of leaf garland around the noodle. Some of the pool noodle pieces also got some fall flowers.

After the pumpkins are fed onto the pvc and the pieces of pool noodle are decorated, it is time to assemble the arch. All that needs to be done is to slide the upright pieces into the pvc pieces in the pots. Next the cross piece is fit into the elbows at the top of the upright pieces.

Each upright flanks the door frame. After each was secured in the urn, they were dressed with a couple of garlands of faux bittersweet. I could not resist buying these on a 90% off sale late last year at Michael’s! It was worth storing them all year!

Decorating your entry or porch beyond the pumpkin arch:

The arch is the focal point of my fall porch decor, but is not the only way I intend to add curb appeal for the season. I found these great wooden crates at Hobby Lobby on sale and knew I would use them for many occasions. This is the first time I am using them! I used faux pumpkins of various sizes for fall porch decor.

I have gathered the crates along with some hay bales as a perfect place to display a collection of faux orange pumpkins since real pumpkins aren’t yet available here in Florida. Garlands of fall leaves add autumnal color to my porch and entryway.

To balance all of the orange, I added some white pumpkins to my beautiful display.

Vines of artificial bittersweet were added to the pumpkin arch and then vined on down around the crates and the hay bales.

A seasonal fall welcome mat layered with a plaid washable rug are ready to greet guests this fall season.

Fall pillow covers dress up the chairs as part of my front porch decor. A plaid fall throw at least lets me dream that cooler nights will be coming with the coming autumn season.

A pair of black lanterns filled with battery operated lights and fall foliage, pine cones and small pumpkins adds a nice glow to the outdoor space in the evenings.

A beautiful wreath of matching bittersweet garland and mini pumpkins is the final warm welcome to my front porch design.

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  1. Wow, you really out did yourself again… Just beauitful and so inviting, what a welcome for your family, friends and guest. Just gorgeous – Happy Fall ya-all enjoy the season!
    Blessings to you and your family. Grateful, Thankful and Blessed

  2. Chloe,
    Your front porch decor is absolutely stunning. The fall oranges/golds are gorgeous! I love the whole scene. I love the way you made the arch/garland, and the berries add such a touch of class and finish the garland beautifully. This is definitely stepping into fall in a fun, beautiful way. Thanks for sharing this project step by step!

  3. I so love!!! this porch!!! you did an outstanding job on this. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got that amazing bittersweet vine? i can not seem to find any with as many berries on it, yours is amazing!

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you so much! I got that on sale (90% off!!!) after Christmas last year at Michael’s. They kept marking it down and I just kept waiting until it got REALLY cheap! I bought all they had, which I guess you can tell. It isn’t the highest quality, it is those little styrofoam beads painted and glued together, but I gently wrapped them in loose circles and stored them in a plastic bin all year waiting for this!! If I see anything similar, I will let you know, but I have yet to spot any this year. As I recall, they had it in two different colors, the other one had a little bit of green in it. I know it doesn’t look realistic, but it added the punch of color and drama I wanted!

  4. Hello Chloe. I always enjoy your posts so very much. So beautifully decorated and taste
    fully done. You are so talented and creative. Simply amazing as you are. Thank you for sharing your crafting expertise with everyone.

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