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    Unique Decor for Your Front Door for Fall

    Decorating Your Front Door for Fall

    Did you see the lovely piece I made for over the front door?  I shared it at Decorate Your Front Door for Fall.   Why not do even more?

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    Not Inspiring:

    I bought a pair of fall garlands on sale and hung them from Command hooks to show you how they look.  They are “okay”, but not nearly the look I was going for.  You know when they show you these garlands in catalogs you know they are not showing you a single garland.  Let me show you how to “build” an impressive seasonal decor for your entryway.  

    The Foundation: 

    First for this project, pick up two pieces of wood.  I selected something that was as lightweight as possible, which meant these two pieces of molding.  These were inexpensive and since I was not using them for trim or molding, I even got a discount on one piece that was damaged.  Each of these are 6 feet long. 

    Holes are drilled in each piece, about two inches from the end, and pipe cleaners are fed through holes to make loops on which to hang the boards.

    For the pair of decorations beside the front door use three pieces of styrofoam approximately 2″ x 4″ by 12″ as shown above.  Cut each of these blocks of styrofoam vertically into two pieces.  You will use 3 of the halves per side of the door.  Using LOW TEMP hot glue, add a little bit to each board and stick the pieces of styrofoam  onto it.  Space them evenly down the board, leaving about 10″ in between each piece of foam.  

    You should now have something like this you can hang up next to your door.  You can build your decor right there if you would like.  Instead of working on a step ladder, I chose to bring mine back indoors and lay it down on a table to build it.  That garland?  Lay it down on top of the piece of wood, on the styrofoam pieces.  Use some pipe cleaners to secure the garland to the styrofoam.  Make sure your wrap the pipe cleaners around the wood and the styrofoam and the garland.  That will keep the wire in the pipe cleaner from cutting through the styrofoam.  You can see above how the wire is cutting into the foam.  By wrapping the wire around all of those three, the wire cannot cut all the way through.  This will help secure the styrofoam to the wood.  I added two pipe cleaner wraps to the top piece of foam and one to each of the lower ones.  

    Time to get creative:

    Get creative with fall leaves, fall picks, fruits, nuts and fall florals.  Push the stems of the leaves right into the styrofoam. 

    I do a lot of this kind of work, so I use a steel pick machine that puts one sharp barbed steel pick on a stem to secure it into the styrofoam. 

    If you have foliage you would like to add that have weak stems, you have an alternative.  You can use a SteelPix machine to add a steel pick to the end of your stem.  These picks are barbed so they will stay in the foam when pushed into it.

    An alternative is to use a wood wired stick to add the foliage to your foam.  If you find items slipping out of the foam, you can use a dab of low temp hot glue on the end of the foliage or the end of the wood stick to secure it.  

    Continue to build up your piece by adding your foliage and fruits.  Make sure you add your materials in both the top and the bottom of your pieces of foam to fill the space in between three pieces of styrofoam.  To add faux fruits to your piece, stick a bamboo skewer into the fruit.  Add a little hot glue to secure the skewer in the fruit.  This will keep the skewer from coming out the top of your fruit, and will keep your fruit from falling off the skewer.

    When you have added all of the fruits and foliage you want and filled all of the space between the pieces of foam to hide the wood, turn your piece over and add pieces of Command hooks to the wood.  You will use those to secure the length of the wood to the door frame.  When you get your piece outdoors, peel off the protective paper when you hang your piece, you will push firmly to secure the boards to your door frame.  

    Time to hang it up!  I previously hung Command outdoor hooks that can support seven pounds on each side.  The loops of pipe cleaner we put on when we started, will be hung on those hooks.

    Use a heavy duty Command Hook (or other hook – my husband just won’t let me put any holes in the wood trim!) You will use that pipe cleaner you already added to the top of your piece of wood to hang the swag.  Use those additional Command velcro adhesive strips to secure the wood to your door frame. 

    Doesn’t this provide a lovely and lush look along the sides of your door?  Combine these side pieces with a wreath and the swag over the top of the door for the ultimate lush front door decor for fall.  I know mine will be displayed up through Thanksgiving!  

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    Chloe is the creator of Celebrate & Decorate. Chloe is passionate about having a comfortable and well designed home - she also loves to entertain family and friends. Learn more about Chloe. Follow Chloe: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube


    1. I just love this, so gorgeous! I’m sure you smile every time you walk in your front door. Thanks for sharing.

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