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Decorate Your Front Door for Fall

 Evidently this is my year for “over the top” decorating.  I feel like I made my fall mantel extra special and now it is time to decorate the front door.  There is no way I could leave the front door with just a wreath on it.  I shared my wreath a couple of weeks ago.  I went with deeper colors than the traditional orange leaves, so I needed to keep the rest of my decor in the same color combinations. 

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I began with a four foot piece of wood trim.  It doesn’t matter what you select, you just want something that is lightweight. 

Step 1:

Attach three pieces of styrofoam, each about 2″ x 3″ x 12″ to the board with a little bit of LOW TEMP hot glue.  High temp hot glue will melt the foam. 

Step 2:

Lay a couple of stems of fall leaves along the first piece of foam, spreading out the stems as much as you can across the top of the foam. 

Step 3: 

Twist a pair of pipe cleaners together so you have enough length and wrap them around the board AND the styrofoam AND the stems.  The stems will keep the pipe cleaner from cutting through the styrofoam. 

Step 4: 

On the backside, or the wood side, twist the excess pipe cleaner in to a circle.  You will use this to hang your piece once you are finished. 

Repeat Steps 1 – 4 three times.  

You will repeat the same process until you have the three pieces of foam secured as shown above with three hooks on the back from which to hang you finished product.  

Get Creative:

This was the beginning of how I began to build my piece.  I used a variety of fall picks and fall leaves along with faux apples and pumpkins to build up my piece. 

Using your selection of fall leaves and fall picks, begin to add them to the styrofoam.  You can stick them right into the foam, making sure they are secure.  You can always add a little bit of low temp hot glue if you feel they are not staying securely. 

To add pumpkins and apples that are not already on picks to your piece, use a wood skewer.  You have to make sure the fruit does not come off of the pumpkin, nor does it poke all the way through the top when I push it into the styrofoam.  I use a little dollop of hot glue where the skewer goes into the fruit. 

For a focal point in the middle of my piece, I used three small rustic pumpkins.  Various fall leaves were added around the group of pumpkins.  Continue to add fall leaves and fruits to your piece until you are happy with the look.

  Attach three 5lb. capacity Command hooks above your doorway where the loops you made from pipe cleaners will hang.  [NOTE:  It is best to set up the hooks prior to adding any of the leaves and fruits to your piece.  I did not do it that way, and it was a challenge.]

Display and enjoy the complements!

Now I have a beautiful display that coordinates with the wreath on my door hanging above my doorway.  I have a deep covered porch, so my piece is protected, you would probably need some protection from the weather for this.  You can certainly make this to display on a mantel or above and interior door, also.  Just make sure you measure the width of your doorframe before you cut your piece of wood.  My front door is decorated and ready to greet guests and passers by now through Thanksgiving. 

Supplies for this project:  (click on each item to go to the source)

Styrofoam Blocks 
Pipe Cleaners
Wood Skewers
Command Hooks
Faux Rustic Pumpkins 

Add this to your front porch too!

Add this beautiful stack of pumpkins to your front porch to coordinate with your front door! You can get the complete DIY here!

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  2. Absolutely delightful, Chloe! Your wreath and door swag are filled with Southern charm and the colors really stand out against your blue door. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the porch.

    Thanks for sharing your door decor in the hop.

  3. A showstopping display Chloe! What a great tutorial too, thank you! I envy your protected entry, mine is totally exposed to the elements and it limits what I can put on the door. Your garland would be perfect for our outdoor fireplace mantel, I think I will try to make one! I love the clustered pumpkins in the center too, beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Jenna. That is a bummer about your door being so exposed. I must admit I love my covered porch. That would be beautiful on an outdoor fireplace mantel!

  4. You always make the most stunning and beautiful things my friend. Martha Stewart has some stiff competition! Hugs and High 5’s!

  5. Very pretty Chloe it’s a great addition.

    You always nail your instructions.


    1. Thank you so much Cindy. I try to make it so that anyone can replicate my projects.

  6. Oh, my goodness, Chloe! The wreath and door swag are stunning! I definitely see something similar to this in my future… Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much Debra! I have a couple of more things coming…believe it or not! So make sure you check back next week!

  7. I thought the wreath was stunning but this takes your porch to spectacular. I am envious of your neighbours. They get to look at that display anytime they go by.

  8. Great tutorial Chloe, I never would have known where to start or how to hang an over the door swag. Beautiful combination of colors and textures. I’m going back to study it some more and pinning!

    1. Thank you Michelle. It is actually quite easy, but DO set your hooks before you start adding your foliage. Because I didn’t, it was a bit of a challenge.

    1. Thanks so much Karin. I have a couple of more things I am adding to the porch, so stay tuned!!

  9. Chloe, your entry with the beautiful blue door, wreath and swag are stunning. I always enjoy and appreciate your tutorials on making interesting and unique door decor and displays. Pinned!

  10. Aren’t those command hooks lifesavers? Your swag and wreath are gorgeous, Chloe! I love the fullness and the way they look against your blue door. Great instructions too…you are so talented. Great to hop with you again!

    1. Since my husband won’t let me put a nail in any of the woodwork, it is a good thing we have those hooks! Thanks Shelley!

  11. Wow – that’s gorgeous Chloe! It looks beautiful with your wreath, and I love your easy directions too. I’d never thought about putting something like that above a doorway, but it’s a fabulous idea! Thanks for the inspiration once again! So nice hopping with you!

  12. So beautiful, Chloe! I’ve always wondered how to make a swag to hang over my door. Like you, my front door is protected. I’m now thinking about how I can use your idea for Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Paula! It is really easy!! Ideas for Christmas are already swimming around in my head!

  13. What a beautiful swag Chloe! Your decoration made a strong statement. The contrast of color, the combination of items everything looks great; and speaking about Fall how is the weather on your side?

    1. Thanks so much Edmee. We had a little break in the heat, a few days in the high 70’s. I am up in Maryland visiting my daughter and REALLY enjoying the cooler weather!

  14. Carol Deeb says:

    I am unable to find your stacked pumpkin’s directions.

  15. I love how full and lush it looks. I haven’t even started putting up my fall decor yet so thanks for the motivation to get started. It is beautiful. #HomeMattersParty

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