How to make an easy carrot arrangement for Easter

Bunnies go with Easter and carrots go with bunnies so why not make an Easter arrangement with carrots? This is an easy project that I am confident anyone can do! You need to find a cylindrical glass container and some tall carrots. (Are they tall carrots or long carrots?

I peeled my carrots and cut the tops and tips off off them to make them neat and even lengths. Place the carrots upright in your cylindrical vase. Alternate the carrots placing the thicker end of one next to the narrower end of the next as shown in the photo.

Cut a piece of chicken wire and place it down inside the vase, tucked inside the carrots. The chicken wire will help keep the carrots standing up around the edge of your vase.

You can use whatever flowers you want, I selected white hydrangeas to place around the edge of the cylinder. You can arrange those right down through the chicken wire.

The next step is to add some colorful blooms to the center of your arrangement. I selected these orange and yellow tulips, Simply add the flowers of your choice to the center, also arranging them down through the chicken wire.

For a final little touch I added a colorful ribbon around the cylinder.

Now my centerpiece is ready to display on a table, all set with a Peter Rabbit theme!

Would you like to try a more dramatic carrot themed arrangement? Check out this Easter Arrangement!

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