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How to make a Lemon and Floral Centerpiece

Setting a lemon themed table for a luncheon called for me making a centerpiece with fresh lemons and fresh flowers. Mixing fruit of any kind with flowers is a great way to elevate your floral arrangements.

I began with a white urn style planter. Mine came from At Home stores a few years ago, but I have linked to a couple of similar ones at the bottom of this post. I was able to wedge a piece of wet floral foam into my planter. If the foam is not firmly secure in your container, use waterproof floral tape to secure it.

You can use as many lemons as you would like. Use sturdy skewers to stick into each lemon.

You may need to cut the skewers down in length to fit into the foam and the container. The lemons at the top of the arrangement will require a longer skewer than those going in toward the base.

Start by adding the lemons around the base. You can add five or six around the base.

Next, add lemons between and up a little from the first row of lemons. Finish with a lemon at the top.

Time to add flowers! I was lucky to find a large bouquet of yellow and white flowers at my local Publix grocery store. If you have flowers that are many blooms on a single stem like the roses or perhaps mums, you will want to add those first.

After the cluster-like flowers begin adding the additional individual blooms. In my case it was white snapdragons and large yellow and white roses.

My bouquet also had green hypericum berries to add. Continue filling in your arrangement in the shape you want. The last step will be to fill in with some greenery.

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This is such a fresh and cheery arrangement and because you have punctured the lemons with the skewers, in addition to the fragrance of the flowers, your arrangement will have a fresh citrus scent to add to your lemon themed table!

Supplies for making your own arrangement:

White urn planter
White urn planter alternative
Wet floral foam
Waterproof floral tape
Wooden skewers

Here is an overhead view of the centerpiece on the table. You can see more of the details of this at Setting a Lemon Themed Table.

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