How to Make a Windowsill Fairy Garden

I got back to our condominium in Ohio a few weeks ago and bless my husband’s heart, he tries to keep plants or flowers there to greet me when I arrive, but these poor little babies had been alone too long and were really struggling.  I knew they had to go, but the pots they came in were so pretty, I didn’t have the heart to toss or donate them. Continue on to see how I up-cycled these pots into windowsill fairy gardens!How to Make a Windowsill Fairy Garden


These are the poor little plants that couldn’t be saved…at least not with my black thumb.

Rustic Flower Pots

I couldn’t throw these pots aways, but what was I going to do with them?  So many of the houseplants you buy from the big box stores these days come with such nice pots.  I don’t have room to keep them all.  The rustic brown appearance of these kind of spoke to me and I decided it was time to try creating a couple of those cute little fairy gardens.  These would just be little windowsill fairy gardens!

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Supplies for a Fairy Garden

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

I went online to and picked out an assortment of adorable little things to decorate my gardens with.  I had some artificial flowers around that I used to add some flowers to the garden.  There are so many tiny little things, I can see how making these could get addictive!  I decided not to put actual fairies in mine, I think my fairies have flown off somewhere.  I did want to make them look like little gardens that needed tended.  Fairy Garden bench and bunnies

Little bunnies and tiny flower pots caught my eye along with a cute little bench, welcome signs and a rusty wheelbarrow were going to define my gardens.  Rustic flower pot for a tiny fairy garden

Step Two: Stuff Your Pot

I began by cutting a piece of dry floral foam  and wedging it into the pot.DSC_0783

I then used the scrap pieces to fill in the pot, wedging it in tightly.  DSC_0784Next step was to add a layer of moss to the top of the dry foam, covering it completely.  Make sure the dry foam is cut low enough that it sits below the top edge of the pot.  fairy-garden-how-to

I just bought a small bag of assorted mosses, so I used different ones for different pots.  I like having the variety.  The arrow is pointing at one of the wire “pins” showing how it is holding the moss secure in the pot.  Wire pins to hold the moss in the pots.

Step Three: Cut and Position Anchors

I cut a number of pieces of wire just a couple inches long and bent them to make little pins to hold the moss and some of the other items in my pots.  You want to make sure the moss is secure so that you can use hot glue to add some of your elements to your garden. Securing items in a fairy garden

Here you can see how I used one of the wire pins to secure the wheelbarrow to the foam beneath the moss.  Tiny wheelbarrow in a tiny fairy gardenThe wheelbarrow is secure and can now have elements added to it.

DSC_0815Now what in the world is this?  I cut all of the tiny flowers off of a stem so I can add them to my gardens.DSC_0819

Step Four:  Add Your Elements

Tiny Wheelbarrow in a fairy garden

I added a little moss and dirt to the inside of a tiny flower pot and a couple of blooms to the wheelbarrow.  I used a hot glue gun to add all of these items and make them secure in the wheelbarrow.  A little bunny in a fairy garden

This little bunny might nibble on the flowers just a bit. A tiny windowsill fairy garden

Welcome to a windowsill fairy garden! A tiny bench in a fairy garden

Would the fairies like to sit in the garden on a little bench for a bit?A Tiny fairy garden for a desktop or windowsillSome little fairy left a cartful of blooms behind.

Step Five:  Enjoy Your Windowsill Fairy Gardens

Windowsill Fairy Gardens

I hope you see how much fun you can have creating this little fairy gardens.  I don’t have a window in my kitchen, but if I did, I know one of these would find a home there.  I think these would be a lovely gift for someone who spends all day at a desk, adding a tiny bit of a garden and whimsy to their daily grind.

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  1. Chloe, Your windowsill fairy garden is so sweet! I love it! Thanks for sharing with us at Brag About It! Pinned to share.

  2. Can’t blame you a bit for not being able to get rid of those little pots – such a cute and enchanting idea. Thanks for sharing and linking up at our Tips & Tricks Link Party!

    My Life by Jess

  3. OMG the cuteness factor is overtaking me – LOVE IT! I might steal your idea with the anchors, I have an outside fairy garden that some little wandering hands keep rearranging. AKA I find the fairy wheelbarrow upside down on top of the toadstool house, the fairy garden rake stuffed inside the fairy chimney. Great project – found you at Merry Monday!

  4. So adorable Chloe! This something I would never dream up but I love it! I want to play with them :). These would make sweet place settings with people’s names on them and then they could take them home! My son is getting married this winter and she is creating most of the decor…these inspire me to think about something for that as well. Thanks so much and for joining TaDa! Thursdays link party!

    1. Absolutely! All of these little figurines are made to stand up to outdoor weather. Go ahead and use moss and the little figures you can find at any craft store and create a magical little garden within your garden! I’d love to see pictures!

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