Scarecrow Pizza Pan Clothespin Wreath

Pizza pan crafts are all the rage right now, and I decided to try this one that I found on PInterest.  I will show you how to make a pizza pan scarecrow from a Dollar Tree pizza pan. 


Dollar Tree Pizza Pan
Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint
Clothes pins
Krylon Glitter Blast Orange Burst
Krylon Glistening Gold Spray
Scarecrow Hats
Penguin Acrylic Paint Pens

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Putting the project together:

Paint the pan with a gold metallic paint like this Rust-oleum.

After it has dried completely give the pan a generous spray with Krylon Glitter Blast Glistening Gold.  Let the pan dry again completely.

Make or buy a felt or straw hat that looks like a scarecrow might like to wear it.  I used an old one I had, but you can get two of these for just $14.99 on Amazon.  Your scarecrow will need a little straw hair. Cut a pair of small bundles of raffia and secure them at one end

Add a bloom like this fun sunflower with hot glue to the front of the hat.

Put your hat on your pizza pan as shown above.  Secure it with hot glue on both the front and the back. 

Use your hot glue gun to glue the bundles of raffia under the edges of the hat.

    Your scarecrow is now ready to get some personality! Use an acrylic paint pen to add the face to your scarecrow.  This is one of a set from Penguin Art Supplies.  

Use a ruler to center a line right up the center of the “face” of the scarecrow.

With your paint pen, draw a dotted line up from the bottom, stopping to add a triangular nose. 

Continue all the way up to beneath the hat. Look how cute your scarecrow has become with a little more paint pen!

Paint 44 wooden clothes pins with Krylon Glitter Blast Orange Burst spray paint. 

Attach the clothespins around the base of the scarecrow’s face, all the way around from one edge of the hat to the other.  

Turn your scarecrow over and cut a hole in the back of the hat.  Add a loop of pipe cleaner to the back of the pizza pan with a good adhesive and pull the loop through the hole so you can hang your scarecrow.

You have a completed your scarecrow pizza pan clothespin wreath and he is ready to hang on your door or wall!  Isn’t he cute?  

You can see more of my crafty creations at Celebrate & Decorate!  

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  1. Chloe, this is so darn cute. What a great decoration for fall and Halloween. I haven’t heard of pizza pan crafts, but I will get one my next trip to Dollar Tree. Thanks so much for sharing at Tuesday Turn About.

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