What is the deal with RSVP?

R.S.V.P. is an acronym for the French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “reply please”.  You would include R.S.V.P. on an invitation when you would like those invited to respond, so that you may plan accordingly for the number of guests.  This is particularly important for an event such as a wedding or dinner party, where dinner will be served, as you will be setting a place for each guest.  For a cocktail party, or birthday party, you would also like a guest count as a practical point, so that you may plan on how much food and drink to buy and prepare.  For a children’s party or bridal or baby shower, you would like to know the number of favors to prepare, also.

A Christmas Dinner Party
You wouldn’t want to show up for a dinner party without a place for you at the table!

Winter Dinner Party

Elegant favors for a wedding or shower.

You don’t want to come up short with the number of favors, nor do you want to have to prepare or  purchase extra favors, another reason for a firm number of R.S.V.P.’s.

Fun for a children’s party

I want you to always be a lovely hostess, but remember to always be a lovely guest, and R.S.V.P. promptly to any social event to which you are invited.

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