Why Honeycomb Decorations are My New Favorite Party Decor Item!

It seems like these tissue paper honeycomb balls are the new balloons in party decor. Just a year ago big balloon displays were everywhere on social media. Now all of a sudden the party decor of my childhood has reemerged as the “new” thing. I didn’t really jump on the balloon bandwagon, but I can get on this honeycomb one! Let’s dive in and see why!

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Honeycomb tissue balls are inexpensive. Now, inexpensive might be a relative term, but think about this…the centerpiece in the middle of this table cost me about $36. I can assure you if I had made a centerpiece of this size with this big of an impact out of fresh flowers, it would have cost substantially more than $36.


Right along with the inexpensive part is the fact that you can use these over and over again. Carefully fold these up when you are finished with them. I unfold them, and use a paper clip to secure them closed and store them in a container with all of the same colors together.


When you think of honeycomb decorations you might just think of the colorful birthday party balls, but you can see in the photo above how honeycomb decorations can be unique and elegant too! They are available in so many colors, sizes and shapes, there is sure to be something just right for your celebration! [The image above is from this Etsy seller.]


You may not be a professional floral designer, but most anyone can unfold a honeycomb tissue paper ball and hang it from a ceiling or arrange a bunch of them down the center of a table to make a centerpiece! [The colorful honeycomb decorations above are from the following Etsy seller.]

Tips for using honeycomb decorations:

  1. First, make sure you are buying quality decorations in the first place. I haven’t found much difference in price depending upon where I am buying them, but I have found a large difference in quality. I have found the ones on Amazon and those from Party City to be the best quality. The ones I have gotten from Oriental Trading, I am sorry to say were very thin tissue paper and unlikely to hold up to repeated usage.
  2. DO NOT STORE MIXED COLORS TOGETHER. Tissue paper colors will bleed if it gets wet. Be very careful if you think you are going to use this outdoors and there is a chance of rain or even extreme humidity. For this reason, I store all of my honeycomb decorations in sealed zipper storage bags and tuck a silica gel packet in each bag. Make sure you only store one color of the decorations in each bag to be doubly sure that you don’t have a problem with colors running. I save the silica gel packets that come in anything I buy, but you may click on that link to buy extra should you need them. You might also want to store your decorations by size for easy decorating.
  3. Most (but not all) honeycomb decorations come with paper clips. I find the paper clips they come with to be extra thick and bulky. I buy my own paper clips and I also use more than one paper clip on any ball that is larger than 4″. If you are using the balls as a table centerpiece, you can tuck the hanging string inside the ball as you unfold it and it will not hang out and show on your tabletop.
  4. Be gentle when unfolding your honeycomb decorations, they can be fragile.
  5. Every honeycomb decoration I have ever bought comes with sticky tape on them to attach them open. I never use that. First off, many times, it does not hold and the ball closes up after you have hung it up. Second off, if you use that and it does stick, you have made it impossible to fold your decoration back up and use it again for another occasion.

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