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Easy Dollar Store Skull Wreath

How about another dollar store decoration for Halloween this year?  Dollar store skulls seem to be my decoration of choice this Halloween and this easy dollar store skull wreath is no exception.  It is REALLY easy and cost me $17 to make all in except for the hot glue with the glue gun and a little black spray paint which I already

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I began with a plain MDF wreath frame.  I found mine at Michael’s, but they are sometimes out of them.  In that case you can find them on Amazon.  I used an 18 inch gave my wreath form a quick spray with black spray paint .  This doesn’t have to be a fine finish, it will really be covered with the skulls and the tulle. make-a-dollar-store-skull-wreath-for-halloweenNow is the very easy part, just begin gluing the skulls to the frame.  I made sure that I glued the flat part on the bottom of the skulls so they would adhere keep adding skulls.  You will want to try them out before you begin so you have an idea of how close together you will want to glue them.  I spaced mine about an inch apart.  The cool thing was this would have my wreath include 13 skulls!  13 is a great number for Halloween, right?  make-your-own-skull-wreath-for-halloweenhalloween-skull-wreath-diyI got all of my skulls glued on and left a space for me to tie the tulle to hang the wreath.  You could space your skulls closer together if you want and add additional skulls so you have no gap, or you could put a Halloween bow in that spot.  This is just how I chose to make mine.  make-a-halloween-wreath-using-dollar-store-skullsI took my decorative tulle and tied a tight knot in it and glued it to the frame where the gap for my hanger is.  make-a-creepy-halloween-wreath-from-dollar-store-skullsNext I took the tulle and loosely wove it in and out, front and back of the skulls.  With an odd number of skulls, when I got all the way around, I was able to continue weaving it around, so each skull then had the tulle both in front and in back of it.  creepy-halloween-wreath-of-skullsAbove you can see how the tulle is woven around the skulls, both back and front.  a-skull-wreath-for-halloweenI wrapped the rest of the tulle around the wreath frame in the gap, tied a loop to hang it from, and I was done!

diy-dollar-store-skull-wreath dollar-store-skull-wreath-for-halloween

This dollar store skull wreath was an easy Halloween project that will leave you with a fun way to greet guests or trick or treaters who arrive at your home!


Dollar Store Skull Halloween Project Sources:

Wreath Form – Michael’s
Skulls – Dollar Tree
Hot Glue Gun – Amazon
Green Sequined Tulle by Celebrate It! – Michael’s
Black Spray Paint –Amazon

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  1. Chloe, you are the queen of wreaths! This is absolutely adorable and perfect for Halloween! I hope that you have a happy and blessed day!!!

    1. Oh Shannon, you are so sweet! Thank you! I just find it very easy to make them. I need to move on to some new stuff, this week I will show my Fall mantel.

  2. I agree with Shannon you are the queen of wreaths. Thank you so much for giving us all of these great and affordable ideas. One of my first thoughts was where I would storer this. I can only imagine that you must have a massive storage area!

    1. Oh thank you Sandra! A couple of truths here…I do have 3 large closets where I store stuff, but most of the time, I take things apart and store the pieces which usually takes up less space and lets me use the “stuff” in a different way every year. I have also sold a couple of things and I think that I may begin doing that with my wreaths, I cannot keep all of this “stuff”. I love FB selling groups and sold some dishes locally earlier this year! Of course, that means I can go shopping and buy more! One of these days I will have my storage all organized and show off how I store it all!

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