11 Halloween Treats and Decor Ideas

Today I thought I would just share some Halloween treats and decor ideas which you may want to add to your Halloween holiday lineup!  Which one of these would be your favorite?Spiderweb Baked Brie   I absolutely love baked brie!  This is such and easy way to add a spooky touch to your favorite baked brie recipe, by just adding additional puff pastry dough in web-shapes to the top of your brie.  Add a creepy spider and you have a Halloween treat!

Frankenstein TreatsThese are probably my favorite original Halloween creations.  Marshmallows coated with neon green candy melt get topped with brown jimmies, a couple of candy eyes added and, in place of the bolts on his head, I cut green Midgee Tootsie Rolls and added those to the side of Frank’s head.  Food-safe markers were used to add a crooked smile that make these guys cuter than creepy.

Vampire Bite CupcakesThese creepy little cupcakes are so easy to make!  You don’t have to ice your cupcake with any special decorating tips, just slap on that frosting, poke a couple of holes with a skewer and squeeze out a little red decorating gel and it looks like your cupcake has been visited by your favorite vampire!

Pumpkin Pretzel treatsThese sweet and salty pumpkin treats are so easy and very popular at my house!  I use small and large traditional pretzels dipped in orange candy melts, rolled in orange sanding sugar and finished off with a bit of a tootsie roll stem and some green vines.

Spiderweb pumpkinThis is such an easy and a fun craft for kids!  Give them a small artificial pumpkin, a black marker and a creepy fake spider and they can create their own no-carve pumpkin that will last through the month of October!

Skeleton treatsThese little skeletons are so cute scattered around a platter of Halloween-colored M&M’s.  Yogurt covered pretzels are ‘glued’ together with a little candy melt to form the ribs and bones of the skeletons.  Each skeleton is topped off with a marshmallow decorated with food-writer markers.  This is another fun one for the kids to help with!

Halloween cookiesI love adding the punch of purple to my Halloween cookie plates.  There is no way that I am anywhere near a professional cookie decorator, but I have never had anyone turn down these yummy treats!  Mix them up, pumpkins, witch boots, bats and Frankenstein make a nice display that everyone will want to dig into!masquerade_pumpkin-Do you have a theatre fan in your household?  You might want to paint an artificial pumpkin glossy black and add a couple of theatre masks and some stick-on gems.  These masks were Christmas ornaments I simply re-purposed.  Mummy DogsMummy dogs are a traditional treat come Halloween at our house.  Crescent roll dough cut into skinny strings are wrapped around mini-hot dogs, given mustard-dot eyes and served hot.  We like the little ones at our house, but you can do the same treatment on regular size hot dogs too!

Owl CupcakeThese little owl cupcakes are perfect for a Halloween treat, and easy to put together, too.  You might want to get all the ingredients together and let the kids create their own rendition of an owl.  For these, I frosted in a chocolate fudge frosting, used some black licorice pieces for some head-feathers, created eyes with pieces of marshmallow, junior mints, red mini M&M’s, then gave them a cashew beak and added a few chocolate jimmies.

Princess PumpkinThis is a great treatment for the artist in your house!  I found this crown Christmas ornament and knew I had to use it on a pumpkin.  Using an artificial pumpkin, I first painted it off white, then went to town with silver and gold markers.  I think it looks very regal.

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