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A Life in Celebration

A Life in Celebration

I abhor clutter.  How about you?  I was reading KariAnne’s post, How to De-Clutter a Room in 20 Minutes when I considered this whole clutter thing.  When I was a child, my mother worked long before it was fashionable for women to work.  She worked out of necessity.  I say that I was a “latch-key” child before the term “latch-key” was coined.  As the child of a working mother I had plenty of chores, and one of them was dusting.  I still don’t like dusting.  I can remember sitting under front of the piano dusting all of the curleques and the legs like crazy.  If I was going to dust, I was going to dust well! 
The thing is, when I first had my own home, I decided since I didn’t like to dust, to have less things out on surfaces would be the answer to not having to dust so much.  I will admit, over time, I have come to mellow on that.  When I was first married, though, my kitchen counters had a coffee maker on them and a set of canisters, and that was it.  Nothing else to have to move or dust around.  That was my stellar solution to keeping things clean and dust (and other grime) free.  You know it only takes seconds to wipe down a counter when there is nothing on it!  
I have always been one to donate or recycle or toss whatever doesn’t fit into my life.  Fortunately, my husband is the same way.  My mother used to say we were going to toss out the baby some day if we weren’t careful.  I am happy to report that I never threw her away and she is thriving just fine. 
Here is a picture of her and my two granddaughters for proof that I never tossed out the baby!  By the way, I didn’t throw out her brother, either! 
I did a lot of videos last week.  If you missed my post on a naked front door, you can find it here.  
Did you have chores you had to do when you were a child? 
Do you remember what they were? 
Do those early household chores have an impact on how you keep house today?  
What I spotted around the web this week:
How about the gorgeous makeover of this FREE dresser from Create With CynthiaHow adorable is this Valentine’s gnome?  Michelle from Our Crafty Mom got really crafty with this adorable pink fuzzy gnome!!  
Are you looking for a project that takes an hour? A day?  A Weekend?  Knock it Off Kim will help with that!  

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  1. Chloe, I’m enjoying your life in celebration articles. And thank you so much for including my little gnome. I’m so happy that you liked it! Also, your daughter and granddaughters are beautiful! Wishing you all the best in the New Year and always.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle. I am enjoying taking the time once a week to get a little more personal, and it is a great opportunity to share some of the things other bloggers are creating!

  2. The amount of stuff sitting out ebbs and flows with the seasons for me. Autumn gets a bit more cluttered with fall leaves and ceramic turkeys, moving into Christmas with red and green everywhere and my collection of Santas. January sees a clean out, with all white decor and sparsely placed. As the year moves on, more color comes in, but things remain fairly clutter free until September rolls around. I was a latch-key kid too, long before that became a thing, and yes I had chores to do, along with homework. It didn’t really impact me in adulthood, a house needs to be kept clean so I just do what I need to.

  3. Chloe, your daughter and her daughters are beautiful!
    I don’t like clutter either. It really bothers me when things don’t have a place.
    I will have to think on your question about my childhood. One thing comes to mind and that is I learned I could get out of yard work if I practiced piano. Funny now, I love to do yard work! Actually, I don’t mind dusting but don’t seem to get to it as regularly as I should.

    1. Oh my, that is so funny, Bonnie! Isn’t it interesting that now you like the yard work. That reminds me of my daughter who, when we were doing yard work always said, “can I have an inside job” . To think that she made it through Army boot camp at 35, crawling through fields of fire ants under razor wire!

  4. My first chore was shaking the small rugs. Then I advanced to cleaning the toilet bowls! Lol I was latch key too but in 8th grade and up.

  5. One of my chores was to mop, wax and buff our kitchen linoleum. I got to use this nifty electric scrubber/buffer from Sears. Somehow I have ended up with that buffer 50+ years later, it didn’t sell in many yard sale attempts and I caught my husband buffing our wood floors the other day. The floors look great, so I guess I will keep it.

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