Apple Crafts for Your Fall Table

Apple Crafts for Your Fall Table

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Apple Napkin Rings: 

A few apples, both real and artificial and some inexpensive shower curtain rings will make your fall table beautiful! Open your package of shower curtain rings and snap each one closed.  Use hot glue to secure three rings together as shown above.  Select some ribbon to coordinate with your napkins and your table.  I selected this golden satin.  Glue one end of the ribbon inside the three stacked and glued rings.  Wrap the ribbon tightly around the rings as shown above.  It takes me about 40″ of ribbon to cover my rings with generous overlapping.  When you get to the end, fold over the end and glue it inside the rings. Use hot glue to secure a small artificial apple to each ring and you have lovely custom napkin rings.  I will share the rest of my apple themed table on Tuesday, but you can see how these added a special touch to my table.  

Apple Votive Candle Holders:  

These are as easy as finding some apples that sit fairly flat and then cutting out the top with a knife or a melon baller and set a tea light candle down in them.  Make sure you wait until the day of to carve into your apples, and then rub some lemon juice on the exposed flesh so it doesn’t turn unsightly brown at your table.  

Apple candle holders are such a nice way to keep the apple theme through the table.  The votive candles add ambiance with the warm glow.  

Apple Tablescape…

Now, head on over and click on the link above to see the apple themed tablescape!

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  2. What a cute idea. This would be a great crafty idea to do with my pre teen and teenage granddaughters. I think they will have a wonderful time making these. We can have a special dinner afterwords using these decorations for the table.. Come on Fall, I’m ready to enjoy!

    Thank you for posting !


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