DIY Glowing Orbs to Add Magical Sparkle to Your Garden this Year

Add enchanting sparkle to your garden this year with this easy DIY craft project! You can create these in no time at all! Make plenty of them to light up your planters or your garden this summer!

What you need for this project:

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You will need some round glass containers, a gray, white or silver crayon, and some silver glitter glue. You will also want some rubbing alcohol and a small paint brush. Begin by washing your glass containers well, and then use some alcohol on a paper towel to wipe down the glass. That will remove any oil from you handling it from the glass.

Making your glowing orbs sparkle:

Take your crayon and begin to draw vertical stripes on your glass bowl. They do not need to be exact in any way. Just draw them from the opening to the base of the bowl to begin with.

After you have drawn vertical lines all around your bowl, go back and begin drawing some diagonal lines all the way around.

Your glass bowl should begin to look like this. You can see there are some spots that are larger than a quarter that are just clear glass. This means I need to add more lines to my glass jar.

When your bowl looks something like this, you are ready for the next step. Don’t forget to draw with the crayon on the bottom of your bowl, too.

Put a generous amount of the silver glitter glue out on a paper plate and get ready to “paint” it onto your bowl with the paint brush. You will want to paint it in “X” or cross hatch lines all over your jar.

These photos show a couple of images of how your jar will look with the glue on it. Be generous in the amount of glue you use. You also want to make sure that ALL of your bowl is completely covered with the glue, even if it doesn’t have the glitter in those spots. The glue will give an opaque look to your bowl. You don’t want any clear glass left when you are finished.

To make sure your glitter finish remains intact, you will need to seal it with a waterproof sealer like this one. Make sure it is a sealer that will stay clear and not yellow. I like to give mine one coat of sealer, wait until it is completely dry and then give it a second coat.

Fill your painted jar with fairy lights. You may select white lights or lights that are a warm yellow glow. I used fairy lights with 25 lights per string. You may choose to use strings of fairy lights with even more lights for a brighter glow. In use battery operated lights that have timers on them so that they come on automatically each evening and then go off a several hours later.

When the sun sets, or the lights go down is when the magical glow brings these little balls and your garden or planters to life!

No matter if you have an expansive garden or just some small planters as I do, a few of these are sure to add a magical glow to your landscaping this summer!

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  1. Chloe, these are stunning! Like you, I don’t have a huge garden but have several planters on my deck. I’m thinking of making some for the bigger ones. Thank you. You always break it down to make it doable!

  2. Your glowing orbs are fantastic Chloe. You are so creative. Wish you were closer and I could have a real Tea Party with you! Marie “E”

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