Back to School Classroom Door Decor

When I spotted this cute little back to school sign at Michaels I knew exactly what I was going to do with this! The other side of this says “Last Day of School”. This is a great sign to keep for taking photos for the first and last days of school each year, but I had other plans!

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Take a styrofoam (you can also use straw) wreath form and wrap it with wide ribbon. I selected red, but any color you choose will work. I wanted to match the red apples on the sign. Start your ribbon with a little dab of hot glue or other adhesive of your choice stuck to the wreath and your ribbon.

Make sure you are wrapping the ribbon very tightly and overlapping it so none of the white styrofoam shows through. When you get to the end of your ribbon use a little bit of the same adhesive to secure your ribbon. I used one and a half bolts of ribbon from a 9 foot long bolt.

Set the school bus sign on top of the ribbon covered wreath form. You will place it just a little off center as I show in the photo below.

Use four pipe cleaners, wiring two of them together to make them longer and tuck them beneath your wreath on one side as shown within the green oval below.

Wrap a small block of dry floral foam with chicken wire and place it against the ribbon wrapped wreath form.

Take the pipe cleaners and wrap them around the chicken wire wrapped foam and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners to secure the block of foam tightly attached to the wreath.

Go ahead and cut off the long ends of the pipe cleaners.

The next step is to begin to secure the school bus frame to the caged foam block. Feed two pipe cleaners through the chicken wire and then wrap them around the bus frame. Twist them as tightly as you can and then trim off the excess pipe cleaner length.

You should have a secure block of foam attached to the wreath and attached to the school bus frame.

Now you are ready to add your flowers and foliage to your wreath! I began by adding just a few pieces of faux ivy to the floral foam.

To coordinate with the school bus, consider adding red and yellow blooms. I had a few red geraniums left some a previous project, so I began with those.

Next, add sunflowers! The cheerful yellow blooms are a great complement to the school bus and are just right for this time of the year. Fill the rest of the space with the sunflowers stuck right into the floral foam.

Finish off the arrangement on the side of the bus by adding some pencils to the arrangement. Alternatively you could add markers, glue sticks or even rulers!

The last, and important thing you need to do is to secure the other side of the bus frame to the wreath. Use a pipe cleaner to attach the frame to the wreath as shown below.

Apply some hot glue to the wreath only. Don’t get the glue on the bus frame in case you choose to use the frame in a different way in the future.

Cut the stem off of one of the sunflower blooms and press it down into the hot glue securely. Now your wreath is finished!

Supplies to make this project:

School bus sign from Michaels – $3.49
Styrofoam wreath form
Red satin ribbon
Faux sunflowers
Faux geraniums
Craft chicken wire
Floral foam

Your wreath is complete and ready to display or like me, to gift to a teacher heading back to school soon!

If you would like the tutorial on making a school supply cake, you can find them here!

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  1. Chloe, this is over the top adorable!! I love the sunflowers and the pencils are brilliant!! So so cute and super creative, I love it all! Pinned!

  2. Love the ideas! So many ads & pop up’s it’s hard to follow but finally got all the instructions. Thank you for the inspiration! T

  3. Chloe..WOW…I’m not a teacher or anything even close but this is just over the top adorable!! So simple too! Are you or were you a teacher? I love everything you do and always look forward to seeing your work!

    1. Thank you SO much Shirley! No, I was never a teacher, but my niece is and I will be gifting this to her for her classroom! You are so kind! Lots of new craft projects coming soon!

  4. This back-to-school wreath is absolutely brilliant! The transformation of the Michaels back-to-school sign into a wreath with faux flowers and foliage is both creative and resourceful. The ribbon-wrapped styrofoam wreath form provides a wonderful foundation, and the way you secured the school bus frame to the wreath is ingeniously clever. The choice of red and yellow blooms to coordinate with the school bus design is a fantastic touch, and the addition of pencils as an accent is just delightful. This wreath not only makes a charming decoration but also serves as a thoughtful gift for a teacher heading back to school. Your step-by-step tutorial makes it seem so easy to recreate, and I’m inspired to give it a try myself. Thank you for sharing this wonderful DIY project!

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