How to Make a Beautiful Floral Valentine’s Wreath

After taking down all of the Christmas decorations I am anxious to put up something fresh and pretty. For me that means Valentine’s decorations. I am starting with the front door. I decided to make a heart wreath of flowers this year, something I don’t think I have done before. This diy wreath is likely the prettiest I think I have ever made. As beautiful as this is, you DO NOT need to be an experienced crafter to create your own valentines day wreath!


The first step is to gather your supplies.

Candy Cane wreath frames (2)
Pool noodles (2)
Pipe cleaners or floral wire
Faux greenery garland
Faux garland with blooms
Dollar store faux flowers
Faux flowers
Hot glue gun and glue

I began with a trip to the dollar store where I picked up two green pool noodles. I ordered two candy cane wire wreath forms from Amazon. You can find heart-shaped wire wreath forms, but I could not find any as large as I was able to make with these candy canes. I wanted something that would be showy to the street from my front door.

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I held the pool noodles down on the wreath form and measured the noodle to fit on the form.

I cut the pool noodle to the length of the candy cane wreath form.

You can see how the noodle fits into the wreath form.

Next I used pipe cleaners to attach the noodle to the wire wreath form. If you prefer, you can use floral wire. I like to use pipe cleaners because they are a little gentler on my fingers.

Everyplace that there was a cross support on the wire form, I added a pipe cleaner to secure the pool noodle to the frame.

Here is how my candy cane frame looked with the pool noodle attached. I repeated the same process on the second candy cane frame.

Now I have two candy cane frames. Turn one of them over and put them next to each other so you have a heart shape.

Use additional pipe cleaners to attach the two frames to one another securely at both places where the frames meet.

It may take more than one pipe cleaner to get your shape to hold securely at the top and bottom of your heart. This way you have made your own heart-shaped wire wreath form.


I want to assure you that the good news is that this can be made by crafters of any skill level. Just follow my directions!

I selected ivy, but use any greenery garland to attach to your base. Boxwood would be another nice choice. You can use the pipe cleaners to attach the garland all the way around your heart shape.

The above photo shows how this holiday wreath is beginning to take shape with the ivy garland attached all of the way around the shape of a heart.

After attaching the greenery, attach a garland with some blooms on it. This is a very inexpensive ‘chain’ garland with pink clusters of blooms on it to get started with some color.

To keep costs down, I suggest using a number of dollar store blooms as an additional base all around your wreath. They won’t really show, but will help to cover the pool noodles. I find the Dollar Tree flowers have a strong enough stem, they will push right into the pool noodle.

To keep all of the stems secure in the pool noodle, DO add a bit of hot glue to the stem before pushing it into the noodle. After adding the dollar store blooms, you can begin to top dress your wreath with larger flowers or whatever blooms you select. I wanted to make mine all in shades of pink. I used larger roses and peonies among the other silk flowers.

Keep adding higher end florals or floral picks until your wreath is full and most of the greenery is covered. I wanted to keep my wreath just floral, but you can certainly add foam hearts, wood hearts, or other Valentine’s day decor to yours.

The final step is to turn your wreath over to the back of the wreath and add a pipe cleaner to be able to hang your floral valentine’s day wreath. Use a pipe cleaner and attach it to both sides of your candy cane frames where they meet at the top of your wreath and twist them together securely and you can hang your wreath from a wreath hanger or Command hook.

Here is my own wreath all finished!! This is beautiful to display on my home, or will also make a beautiful gift!


The color of the flowers I selected pop against the blue of my front door! Just like that you have made a beautiful Valentine’s wreath to display and enjoy!

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  1. This is stunning, what a clever way to make a heart wreath base! Thank you for sharing this at Handmade Monday, this will be a feature this coming week.

  2. Chloe, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’d love to feature this on All About Home Monday evening. Thanks so much for coming by and joining in!

  3. You mention that “just like that” you have a wreath!! This didn’t happen “just like that”!!!
    Lots of time & work!!!
    Beautiful results, however!!

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