Easy Sunflower Front Door Decoration

It was time to take down the patriotic decorations from the front porch. I decided on bright and cheery sunflowers until fall. I was planning on making a wreath with sunflowers when I spotted this pretty basket on a trip to Michaels. Immediately I thought this dark wooden basket would look lovely with sunflowers in it. This is an easy project you can do yourself in less than an hour!

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Set up your basket

Start with a piece of styrofoam set in the bottom of your basket. The cubes of styrofoam they sell at Dollar Tree are probably just the right size for this project.

If you pick up one of the same baskets that I found, you will want to look at the back of your basket and note where the hanger that is already attached. Make sure when attaching your styrofoam, you take note of that.

Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make one long wire. Feed those wires through the back of the basket.

Repeat this so you have two long wires that are secured through the back of the basket. Even if you are using a different kind of basket, you still want to do this.

Cut a small piece of chicken wire that you can wrap around the front of the piece of styrofoam.

Wrap the chicken wire piece around the front of the piece of styrofoam. Wrap the pipe cleaners tightly around the chicken wire wrapped foam. IF you skip the chicken wire, you run the risk of the wires in the pipe cleaners cutting right through your styrofoam.

Time to add the florals

On that same trip to Michaels I picked up some faux greenery, sunflowers and blue and white checked ribbon. You can select whatever blooms you want to use for this project.

Begin by adding some greenery by pushing the stems securely into the block of styrofoam. Don’t fill the foam or the basket with too much greenery. Your flowers will be the star of the show here.

Begin adding sunflowers. Consider buying a sunflower bush that offers a variety of sizes of the sunflower blooms. Using a variety of sizes will give your basket a more high end look. Cut the bush apart and stick the individual blooms into the block of styrofoam one at a time.

Keep adding sunflowers until you are pleased with the fullness of your basket. Double check to make sure there are no spots where the styrofoam is showing.

Add a bow to your basket. I used a navy blue and white buffalo check wired ribbon to tie a nice fluffy bow with some long tails.

Just like that, your sunflower basket is ready to hang on your door or your wall! This would be so pretty displayed on your pantry door, wouldn’t it?

Supplies for your sunflower door decor

Michaels chipwood basket

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  1. I love this so much. I’m stumped on how to make the fluffy ribbon, though. I’ve tried a couple of methods, but none turned out as nice as yours.
    Great job on this. It is beautiful!!!

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