Blue and White Interiors

When we first married 35 years ago we lived in a small apartment and I didn’t have a very strong opinion about our interior design.  My husband felt strongly that he wanted a blue interior, so we went with blue.  the only problem was, he sort of “blued” me to death.  Blue wallpaper, blue sofa, blue, blue, blue.  I decided that from then on, we would avoid blue.  We have had two houses and two condominiums, and now that we are settling into our new forever home, I have finally decided it is time to revisit the idea of a blue interior.

Blue and white wall of bookshelves
Source: Hadley Court

These bookshelves are stunning, I love the white woodwork with the soft blue paint.  I may have the walls on the back of the bookshelves I am going to have built in a corner of my great room painted a soft blue.

Hildreth's blue and white room
Source: Hildreth’s

Above is a beautiful blue and white room.  The drapery are just beautiful, however, I don’t think I would go with the coordinating wallpaper.  I also think this print is a little bit too Asian influenced for my space. I am thinking about a settee similar to this for my new living room.  You can check out the blue tray I am using in my new home in my Tray Chic post here.

Blue and white interior
Source: New England Home Magazine

Our tentative plan is to keep white walls in all the living space with extensive moldings and millwork.  This photo caught my attention since it has white walls, and the color is in the rugs and upholstery.  This is very much like what I have in mind for our new space.

Blue and white pillows
Source: The Enchanted Home

I think I am going to have the same quandary as Tina over at The Enchanted Home when it comes to deciding on pillows for the new house.  She has taken some of the work out of it for me with all of the hours she has spent searching Etsy for blue and white pillows.  There are two or three of these I might exclude in my top search, but most of them could be contenders.

Blue and white dishes in a white hutch
Source: House Beautiful

I like the idea of using blue and white dishes and porcelain to give a pop of color in my kitchen.

Blue and white striped chair
Source: Pufik Homes

This is a great chair, it looks comfortable, and has a great blue, white and silvery grey stripe pattern.  I like the light wood finish on the trim on this chair.  With oak floors throughout the new space, I need to keep things light.

Blue and White living room
Source: House Beautiful

A rich dark blue sofa anchors this living room.  The designer has added some blue and white accessories and coffee table books to tie the blue and white together in this room.

Blue and white dining room
Source: Connecticut Cottages and Gardens

This is a beautiful soft blue and white dining room.  I wouldn’t use this soft blue and white zebra print, but this is a lovely room.  The blue baseboards are interesting in this room.

Source: Thistlewood Farms

I am really loving these blue and white curtains from Kari Anne’s home tour.  These have the perfect mix of blues and the white background.  The print is just leaves and flowers, not oriental, not nautical,  a nice neutral kind of print.

A Passion for Blue & White

If you want to drool over some incredible blue and white interiors, check out Carolyne Roehm’s book, A Passion for Blue and White.



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  1. OMG – “he blued me to death” made me laugh out loud. I agree – blue is great (the number one home interior color since like 1939, according to The World Color Council) but a balance of colors is desirable. You have AMAZING taste, Chloe – you have evolved quite a bit from this: “I didn’t have a very strong opinion about our interior design.” I cannot wait to see what you do in your new forever home!

  2. One of the bedrooms in our home was dubbed “the blue room” years ago. It was the room our sons shared growing up. It has seen a change or two over the years and when the kids come home it’s the first ones home that get “the blue room”. You’ve shared so many options here that are gorgeous! That dark blue sofa would be a strong contender and I love all of the pillows as well. Happy decorating!

  3. Hi Chloe,
    Everything looks absolutely heavenly. I cannot get enough blue and white. May I ask where I might locate the chair fabric with the blue, white and silvery gray stripe?
    Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I love blue and white interiors, which is what brought me to this page.
    thank you for bringing blue and white interiors to one place!

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