Country French Bedroom Decor

If you are looking for French-inspired bedroom design you have come to the right place! The French country decor incorporates elements of French provincial design combined with elements of the French countryside. A great place to source pieces for your French country look is antique stores and flea markets. Vintage pieces and items with a weathered look will add visual interest to your french country bedroom decor.

A neutral bedroom with a mirrored chest of drawers a French clock and a horse sculpture.

What is toile?

Toile is a French word that means “linen cloth” or “canvas”. This has been a popular decorating feature since the mid 1700’s. In relation to decorating, toile refers to repeating patterns on fabric. The pattern can be a pastoral scene, floral designs with extensive details. When toile was originally developed it was printed as a test pattern on white or off white fabric by dressmakers. Toile was usually printed in a single color often a muted green, blue or brown.

A bed with toile and striped linens on it and a sculptural pale wood headboard.

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French country accents.

Add a touch of elegance to your romantic bedroom with ornate picture frames or mirrors with sculpted frames. Hunt for vintage accessories, that is a simple way to achieve country French decor.

French country decor colors.

A great way to achieve a French country style bedroom you will want to incorporate French Country color palettes. Great options for paint colors are neutrals, creamy white and incorporate soft and muted pinks, greys, blues and browns. Do use soft colors for that French flair.

View of a French styled bedroom with a large sepia toned picture on the wall, a taupe wingback chair with a plaid throw on it.  A mirrored chest of drawers.

Layers in French country design.

Layered, cozy and and textured are how you want your French bedroom design to appear. Consider layering your bed with linens in a floral pattern, toile and/or a monochromatic plaid. For a more relaxed look, stick with the neutral color palette mixed with creamy whites. Use pillow shams, throw pillows and a pretty bed skirt to complete that layered look.

Which one Wednesday

Country French Bedroom – High

An ornate white carved bed crown with swags on it.

One of the French country furniture choices to consider is openwork beds like the one I have selected for my which one Wednesday selections. If you want a more romantic bedroom, you could add a bed crown or take a look at iron beds.

A collage of items for styling a French bedroom.  A white chest, mirrors, toile dressed bed, a carved lamp and an openwork bed.

French Toile Bedding, 3 piece set from Neiman Marcus – $850
Beauvier French Cane Bed – $1599.97
Anthropologie Primrose Mirror – $1118.60
Vanhorne table lamp – $103.99
Marion 8 drawer dresser – $2639.20

Country French Bedroom – LOW

A collage of items for styling a French bedroom.  A white chest, mirrors, toile dressed bed, a carved lamp and an openwork bed.

French Toile Garden Comforter set – $184.00
Hillsdale Melanie French Cane bed – $753.52
Larocco Vintage solid wood mirror – $259.99
Stacy Bedside Lamp – $36.99
Signature Design by Ashley Realyn – $770.00

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