DIY Ladybug Wreath

Ladybug Wreath

I began with a 12 inch wreath form and used red pipe cleaners to build a support across the center of my wreath form.  This is easy to do as shown above.

I used 6 inch red deco mesh.  I cut it into 8 inch pieces and rolled each of them into tubes, securing three of the tubes with a half piece of red pipe cleaner.

I attached my rolls with the same pipe cleaner I used to secure them.I attached the clusters of tubes around the outside two wires of my wreath and pushed them together to make them quite full.When I had 90 percent of my wreath complete I stopped to allow some room to attach my ladybug’s head.I used vinyl and cut out large circles with my Fiskars extra large punch to add the dots to the back of my ladybug.

For my ladybug’s head, I really wanted to have a dimensional head, so I picked up a package of half-spheres of styrofoam.  I wanted to paint it with black spray paint.  Spraying styrofoam will often eat away at the foam, so I began by coating my styrofoam with a couple of coats of Mod Podge to protect it.  The result is number one in the photo above and would have worked perfectly, but alas, it was much too small.  I tried a plastic plate which I also painted, but it was too flat (number 2).  This is kind of sounding like the story of Goldilocks now, isn’t it?  Finally it came to me, one of those oversized ornaments I used so much at Christmastime.  I cut it in half and painted half of it black and had a perfect head for my ladybug!

I used two pipe cleaners to fashion antennae for my ladybug.  These were simply hot glued to my ladybug head.

I made a pair of holes in my half of a Christmas ornament and attached it to the wreath frame with a pair of pipe cleaners. I attached my vinyl circles to circles cut from a sheet of craft foam. Three pipe cleaners twisted together form the seam where my ladybug’s wings would meet and glued the dots to the deco mesh for my polka dots. Now he is ready to brighten the front door!

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      1. I am no deco mesh master, that is for sure! This is one of 4 deco mesh projects I made for Hometalk. I will be posting the directions in the coming weeks, one a week. If you are on Facebook, check out my Chloe’s Crafters group. There are lots of talented deco mesh crafters who would be more than happy to talk you through any of their projects! Thanks for stopping by!

        1. Hey sweety I just went on FB an now I am a fan of yours.. I love your work .. I too do not do mesh lol I do a lot of crafts but my thing is painting. An I love to paint gourds . Santa’s an snowmen are my babies.. Lol thank you for sharing.. Christy

    1. Thanks Jenna, it was a challenge from Hometalk. I am glad I am done with it and I see no more deco mesh in my future except for the 4 projects I did for them. 3 more to post!

  1. This is just the sweetest things I’ve seen for Spring, I love anything Ladybug, may need to make this one. I have a Snowman made with this stuff and he is big, but this one is just right for the door. Thanks for taking the challenge and sharing with us.

  2. Awe! This is so adorable. Yes it did sound like Goldie locks and the three bears story. If you knew an author bet he/she could write a short story . Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful day

  3. I’d love to make this but I’m struggling with how you made the head. Not sure what ornaments you’re referring to.

    If I were to find what you used, I’d need to wait until Christmas ornaments are back in the store during Christmas season?

    Just need help with the head!!!

  4. Hi it is very adorable but deco mesh isnt the easiest to work with not sure if will
    make anymore and very time conumming i make lots of different things i love a
    challenge and the lady as cute as she a challenge for sure..

    1. Yes I did Sara. So funny, I can’t believe I didn’t share that step. I did add some of the deco mesh to the pipe cleaners in the middle. It didn’t take too many too fill it in.

  5. i used a 8 inch ring——-3 rolls of dollar tree mesh did not cover the 12 in ring—–

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