Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves Wreath

This isn’t a traditional wreath, my Falling Leaves Wreath is more of a horizontal wreath.  I have been enjoying my Dollar Tree outdoor chandelier I made earlier this summer and decided it was time for a replacement.  We don’t get pretty fall leaves in Florida, but I love them, so I decided I would make my own falling autumn leaves.  

I picked up three inexpensive packages of artificial fall leaves, a styrofoam wreath and one fall leaf garland.  I wrapped my styrofoam wreath with burlap to cover it, securing it with floral pins.

When I had my wreath completely covered with the burlap, I began pinning the leafy garland to the wreath.

I secured it with the same pins I used to secure the burlap to the styrofoam wreath.

This is how my wreath looks at this point with the garland attached completely.

I used four pieces of hemp rope tied around the wreath and tied together about two and a half feet above my wreath.  The knot will be where I will hang the wreath from a hook on my porch.

My packages of loose fall leaves were sorted and glued onto some of my hemp strings.  I glued them with a tiny dab of hot glue with the string between two of the leaves.

With smaller leaves, I glued a couple of them together on one side of the string and one larger leaf on the other side.  When I had several of these strings complete, I tied them on my wreath to hang beneath it.

I added three strings of tiny battery operated lights that come on automatically every evening and turn off after 5 hours.  I have my own falling leaves on my back porch despite the fact that we don’t have colorful fall leaves here in central Florida.

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    1. O I love your work, its so different from anything I have seen. Also, looks so easy and economical.
      I am Handicaped due to a light stroke I had in 2012. Before that in the 90’s I had a very small florist and did very well, I had no helpers due to the expense of labor. My husband now, that I did not have then, is very much inclined to be a florist. I think I will get him to do an arrangement for the front door of our home like the one you showed,

      thank you so very much,

      claudine skipworth
      [email protected]

  1. I think that’s really pretty, Chloe. I just posted about a baby shower my niece hosted, and she made a similar wreath with paper flowers for the occasion. Lots of different takes could be made on that cute concept. The falling leaves would look really pretty with a breeze, maybe on a porch…..

  2. Chloe great wreath idea. Although I have to say, I live near New Smyrna Beach, FL and we have lots of Maple and Oak Trees whose leaves turn to Fall Colors and cover our yard in orange, red and yellow.

    1. I am so in awe that you get colored leaves! It must be something to do with your temperatures over near the coast. We have lots of maples and oaks here in Celebration, but they don’t seem to turn colors, which is too bad.

  3. Chloe, what a neat idea. Luv it. I think I will do one like yours and put it over my dining table suspended from the chandelier with the leaves falling down Wouldn’t it be cute if you had a small fan blowing on it to make them move. Love the light idea. Wonder if you used fishing line for the hanging leaves if it would work. Maybe the hot glue would melt it or maybe I could use cool glue gun. Hmmmm…. Thanks for your creativity.
    Cheryl Crabtree Pennock . Notice the name…. it used to be mine. ;0) LOL

  4. That is just gorgeous, I’m thinking I would like to do just the hanging leaves part and hang from ribbon for my front door. Where do find the hemp string? Love your creativity
    We usually get lots of fall color in South Dakota unless it freezes to hard to early. It is really feeling like fall lately & my flower beds are ready to be cleaned off…not a good sign….we usually wait until the 1st to 2nd week in October, but I fear winter is going to be early & long.

    1. I bought my spool of hemp twine from Joann’s. I won’t get much color here in Florida, but look forward to a drive from Ohio down to Florida through the mountains of Kentucky, Tennessee and the Carolinas to enjoy some of that color. I hope winter isn’t too tough on you up there in South Dakota!

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