How to Add Coastal Decor to Your Home

How to Add Coastal Decor to Your Home

I live in Florida so it is natural for me to want to get a little beach-inspired for the summertime.  Today I will show you how to add coastal decor to your home for some summertime vibes.  The easiest way to add some themed decor to your home is to do it with vignettes. 

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Coastal decor can be so easy and inexpensive.  Sand in jars with tea lights give off a soft glow in the evenings.  Empty wine bottles become candle holders for white tapers.  Each end of my mantel received its own little vignette of coastal accents. 

Sure, you can buy new white slipcovered furniture or add seagrass or rattan chairs, but I am talking about how to add a little something here and there for the change of seasons.  Everything here will meld with most home decor you already have in place.  Driftwood sailboats I crafted a few years ago received new bright white sails.  

Using natural items from the lake or seashore gives you the coastal vibe you may be looking for.  Here a tub of gathered driftwood steps in for a fire.  A sphere of oyster shells suggests a recent trip to the shore.

A pair of candles has been moved from the foyer to flank the fireplace for summertime.

Switching out dark colors for lighter colors or whites is a great way to begin.  The sandy color of this carved tray makes a great base for a coffee table vignette.  I opted for very little color, but any colors that remind you of the coast can be use.  Blues, greens, buffs, and white are all good choice for summer decorating. Head to the beach to gather up some shells or just pick some up at your local dollar or craft store.  Fill a pretty clear jar with them and you are more than halfway there!  Even when paired with brown leather chesterfield sofas, (which for me are reminiscent of a stuffy old yacht club) the coastal vibe comes through with a few simple elements.  Driftwood, seashells, white candles and starfish along with an occasional nautical accent are all that is needed.  

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