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Make a Display of Falling Leaves

Make a Display of Falling Leaves Wreath

This isn’t a traditional wreath, my Falling Leaves Wreath is more of a horizontal wreath.  I have been enjoying my Dollar Tree outdoor chandelier I made earlier this summer and decided it was time for a replacement.  We don’t get pretty fall leaves in Florida, but I love them, so I decided I would make my own falling autumn leaves.  

I picked up three inexpensive packages of artificial fall leaves, a styrofoam wreath and one fall leaf garland.  I wrapped my styrofoam wreath with burlap to cover it, securing it with floral pins.

When I had my wreath completely covered with the burlap, I began pinning the leafy garland to the wreath.

I secured it with the same pins I used to secure the burlap to the styrofoam wreath.

This is how my wreath looks at this point with the garland attached completely.

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I used four pieces of hemp rope tied around the wreath and tied together about two and a half feet above my wreath.  The knot will be where I will hang the wreath from a hook on my porch.

My packages of loose fall leaves were sorted and glued onto some of my hemp strings.  I glued them with a tiny dab of hot glue with the string between two of the leaves.

With smaller leaves, I glued a couple of them together on one side of the string and one larger leaf on the other side.  When I had several of these strings complete, I tied them on my wreath to hang beneath it.

I added three strings of tiny battery operated lights that come on automatically every evening and turn off after 5 hours.  I have my own falling leaves on my back porch despite the fact that we don’t have colorful fall leaves here in central Florida.

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  1. Really cute Chloe! I love the way you created the leaves cascading down from the wreath!

  2. Very cute Chloe. I would miss our fall terribly.


    1. I know, I do miss it, but do get up to Maryland to visit my daughter and enjoy the colorful leaves.

  3. This is so clever ~ what a great idea to add a bit of whimsy to the Autumn wreath. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Very creative and so pretty! Even though I have access to tons of fall leaves in my yard I would still make the wreath the way you did here. Have a great weekend!

  5. Very cute and you don’t have to rake up the leaves!

    1. Thank you Liz! Now, if my husband would just relax over the sycamore leaves that fall on the yard!

  6. Cheryl Henry says:

    I love this! Going to give this a try. Thank you! So creative.

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