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A Christmas Tree Topiary

Christmas Tree Topiary

Make your own Christmas tree topiary

Make a Christmas topiary

A foam cone and a roll of green burlap were going to make my base.  I wanted my trees to be tall for my mantel, so I selected these 24″ cones.

DIY Christmas topiaryI cut my burlap and wrapped it around the cone and secured it with “S” pins.  I tried not to have very much of the burlap wrap over top of itself so that I only had a single layer of the burlap to attach my greenery to.

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryBeginning at the bottom, I pinned pieces of artificial cedar to my tree form.

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryHaving begun a the base, I continued working my way up the tree.

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryEventually, I added some additional mixed faux greenery and added in some lambs’ ears and eucalyptus to give my trees a little bit of a gray look to them.  When adding some of the individual wreaths, I did use a little bit of hot glue for securing them.

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryHere was my tree before I began trimming it.  The little pinecones were part of some of the faux greenery sprays that I cut apart to add to my tree.

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryI took small ornaments and added a little drop of hot glue to the caps of each ornament to make sure they didn’t pop off of their caps.  I used an “S” pin threaded through the top of each ornament to be able to push them into the Styrofoam tree.

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryMy Dad helped out and drilled holes in little white seashells for me to attach to my tree along with small ornaments in the same colors as those I used in my mantelpiece.  Make your own Christmas tree topiaryAlmost ready!

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryThese urns came from hobby Lobby.  I have used them for Halloween and thought that I would just add a little bit of white spray paint to give them an antique look.  They still weren’t right, so I went with silver metallic paint for a festive look.  Make your own Christmas tree topiaryI wedged a sturdy block of styrofoam in the bottom of my urn and then wedged two smaller pieces on either side of a dowel rod 1/2″ in diameter and 18″ tall.  After gluing a piece of green felt to the base of my tree, it was carefully pushed down over the dowel rod.  I put a layer of sheet moss over the styrofoam.Make your own Christmas tree topiaryEvery tree needs a star on the top, but for a coastal tree, a starfish!  A heavy weight wire was glued to the back of a starfish and then pushed down into the top of the tree.Make your own Christmas tree topiary

Make your own Christmas tree topiaryI can’t wait to get my second tree finished and add my garland!  I am decorating with a coastal feel, but you could decorate your topiary any way you would like!

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  1. Great tutorial!! It’s always hard to find the perfect size and shape tree your looking for, so this is a wonderful option. I can’t wait to see the whole mantel, so far it looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Ann. I had never made a tree like this before and am so happy with how it is all turning out! I can’t wait to get it finished, myself!

  2. Linda Lozada says:

    Hello Chloe,

    Beautiful love the colors.
    However not sure what ” S ” pins are. (?)
    Great tutorial.

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much. They are also called “greening pins”. I added a link to them on my post about the topiary if you want to get them.

  3. Goodness Chloe you are crafting up a Christmas storm these days! Love the colors, can’t wait to see the finished mantel with 2 topiaries and garland!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenna! Yes, I am trying to squeeze every bit of crafting magic I can out of this holiday season! I can’t wait to see the entire look come to fruition and get to work on my front porch, and my tree, and…

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I really enjoy doing the FB Lives, myself, I feel like I am hanging out with all of these new friends. I learn things from all of them, too!

  4. Chloe love your Topiary and the blue is so pretty looking forward to seeing the fireplace done!

    1. Thank you so much Deborah! I can’t wait to get it done, either! The other topiary will be done on FB Live for Hometalk on Friday and then I will go on to my garland next week. I have a really fun surprise for my garland!

  5. Deb Morehead says:

    It turned out so beautiful !!! I love everything you do. You are so gifted. Happy Holidays !!

    1. Thank you so much Deb, your words are so dear to me! I had never made one of these before and am pretty happy with how it turned out! Happy Holidays to you, too!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Sharon! I can’t wait to get the entire fireplace finished! I may be rushing things, but 25 days is too short for me to celebrate the season!!

  6. This is beautiful Chloe! We live 7 miles from Lake Michigan in the country. Did not think about these colors for this year until I saw this. Gorgeous. Oh, decisions, decisions!

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl! I think blues are good anytime! I do like mixing it up for Christmas, bright bold colors one year, traditional plaid the next! I always agonize over what I will be doing until I finally decide and go for it!

  7. I love the coastal touches you added to coordinate with your home decor. If you hadn’t told us that the greenery was faux I wouldn’t have guessed it. Being it your home would be a decorator’s dream come true.

    1. Thank you so much, Sandra, you are so sweet! Oh, if only you could see the behind the scenes! It isn’t always that pretty!

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