I Performed an Operation on a Skull

I was looking for a vase for some red miniature carnations I had picked up at the grocery store.  I wanted something to give a Halloween vibe when I spotted this styrofoam skull in the bottom of a box of Halloween decorations.  I turned it over and saw there was an indentation on the bottom, sort of like a perfect place to tape in a piece of floral foam, but then my skull would be upside down.  The answer was to carve out a piece of his skull.  Sorry skull, it has to happen, but I am sure it won’t hurt a bit!

A blooming skull

This turned out to be a beautiful arrangement in a creative vase.  I really like taking an unusual object and arranging flowers in it.  I have seen so many pumpkins with flowers arranged in them, and I will be taking that on for the Thanksgiving season.

Stella the dog checks out the skullI began with a basic styrofoam skull.  Stella the dog is wondering if there is anything to eat on that table. This skull came from Michael’s last year for 90% off after Halloween.  It is probably time to hit up the stores for the Halloween sales now.


I carved out a hole in the top of the skull using a knife, but I am thinking about buying one of these styrofoam cutters.  This skull was composed of those little round pieces of styrofoam which stuck to everything due to the static electricity.  I am thinking the cutter might help with that a little.

Carving a hole in the top of a styrofoam skullFor what I have in mind, I had to make sure that the hole in the head would hold a vessel of some kind that will hold the floral foam for the flowers.

Setting your vase into a skullI found the best and easiest container to place in the skull to hold the floral foam was to use a Solo plastic cup and cut it down to fit.

A Halloween flower arrangement in a Halloween skullThe important part is to make sure that the container sits upright and level so that water can be added without spilling out.  I was able to wedge the floral foam in tightly so I didn’t need to use anchor tape to secure the cup or the foam.  Now it is time to add flowers.

Red flowers form an arrangement for HalloweenBegin by arranging the flowers in the shape of the arrangement you would like to have.

Red miniature carnations arranged in a skullContinue to arrange the carnations within the shape you have begun with and add greenery between the blooms to cover your floral foam.

A Halloween Flower Arrangement in a Skull

There you have it, a creepy red floral arrangement spewing from this grinning skull.  He would look great on any party table to carry through your Halloween theme.  I think I am going to go design a red and black Halloween tablescape around this guy!  This might be my favorite Halloween decoration this year.

I’ll be sharing this at the following link parties:  It’s a Party  | Creative Circle Link Party








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