A Perfect Winter Door Swag

This makes the perfect winter door swag, something you can use as Christmas door decor and leave up all winter long! You might have a Christmas door swag that you just want to take some of the Christmas decorations off of to achieve this same look. This should hold up through all kinds of cold weather and look like you just gathered some snowy fir branches and tucked them up upon your front door.

So, I gathered together some winter faux greenery, some pinecones, my pick machine, a piece of styrofoam and some snowy-looking ornaments.

I use a block of styrofoam approximately 2″ x 4″ x 12″ for my swags.  I am often able to re-use them as was the case with this one.

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My trick for putting a circle to hang the swag from is to feed a piece of floral wire through the foam with a button on it.  The button keeps the wire from pulling through the foam.  If you need more details on this procedure, you can see it at my Candy Cane Christmas swag. Later you can add pipe cleaners around this button to make a door hanger for your swag.

  The first thing I did after getting my hook on was to take a piece of dollar store garland and attach it around the edge of the styrofoam.  This was done with “S” pins or “floral pins” or “greening pins”. 

These are what I used to attach that garland.  Attaching the garland around the edges will make sure that from the side, you will not see the styrofoam.  

All of that faux greenery you haven’t packed away from Christmas is just what is needed to make this happen now!  I had this one REALLY long piece that had such thick metal stem, there was no way I could cut through it.  You have likely come across those yourself.  For that one I just laid it down against the styrofoam and used a number of the pins to secure it down on the foam.  If yours is not holding, you could always feed a wire over the stem, push it through the foam and secure it on the back of the swag. If you think you can use a glue gun for this process, remember that hot glue will melt the styrofoam.

Using my SteelPix machine, I added steel picks to a number of smaller pieces of greenery and started building up my swag, making sure I was hiding all of the styrofoam.

  For me, pinecones seem to say winter, especially if they have a little bit of sparkly snow on them!  Take your pinecones and wrap a wire through and around the top of it, twist the wires and cut them to stick the pinecone into your swag.

When you have added all of your greenery and pinecones, it is time to add some snowballs!  I had these Christmas ornaments that looked like they had snow on them.  Before you start to attach them to the floral wire, use a little bit of hot glue to secure the hanger on the top to the ornaments, so they don’t fall off. I threaded a wire through a couple of the ornaments at a time.  I twisted the wire together and stuck the ends into the foam to secure it.  Just like that, you have a wintery swag to make that front door not feel so naked.

This makes the perfect winter door decor! If you choose to make this for Christmas instead of just winter, consider adding some jingle bells, red berries or red christmas ornaments.

  I videoed this as a Facebook Live and have the link to the video for you to follow along.My  blue front door is so much happier now that she is decked out for winter!  Stay tuned, I will give her some Valentine’s love in February!  

Supplies for making a snowy swag:

Styrofoam blocks
Snowy Christmas balls
Floral greening pins
Snowy faux evergreens
Pine Cones for crafts


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