Can We Talk About Toilet Paper?

Can We Talk…

…about toilet paper?  Seriously, do you see this in your house?  Is it really that difficult to put on a new roll of toilet paper?  I am convinced that the people who came up with “double rolls” and “triple rolls” and “mega rolls” of toilet paper are the ones who just refuse to put a new roll on when the old one runs out.  
Sadly, in my builders grade mediocre 20 year old bathroom, none of those giant rolls will even fit, so my rolls run out even more often.  (sad face)This is a scene I often see, because…it is too difficult to put the roll on the holder?  I am trying to make this easier for all concerned.  Instead of having the toilet paper stored under a sink in the bathroom or in a linen closet, I fill this basket with rolls (which also lets me see at a glance how the supply is).  It shouldn’t be too difficult to grab a roll and put it on the holder.  I will let you know how it goes!  Do you have this problem at your house?  How do you handle it?  

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    1. Thanks Clearissa, This was meant to give you a laugh or at least a smirk! I am glad you enjoyed it! Yes, we all seem to have these problems with our toilet paper supplies, don’t we?

  1. How very true……. Also made me laugh too. Have the basket right there, I think I’m the only one that seems to fill the holder. Happy to hear it’s not just at my house..

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